Is Campervan Road Tripping a safe choice during Covid-19 pandemic?


Ever since the outbreak of Covid-19, we are all confined to our homes. After several months of moving between the living room, bedroom and kitchen, you certainly deserve to spend some time with nature and rejuvenate yourself! However, the social distancing guidelines are still in place, and as responsible citizens, we want to abide in them to avoid spreading the virus. Hence the modes of travel like flight, trains and buses are yet not advisable. Wondering how to enjoy your holiday safely? Hiring a Campervan Australia would be an ideal choice for a Covid-proof vacation! 

When appropriately planned and executed with precautions, road tripping in the best campervan hire Brisbane is the safest and perhaps the most convenient way to satisfy the wanderer in you during or post COVID-19!

Benefits of Campervan Travel Amidst the pandemic 

  1.  Social Distancing 

The importance of keeping yourself socially distanced in these times cannot be undermined. But why isolate yourself in four walls when you can practice isolation in the lap of nature while soaking in the sweeping vistas that Australia has to offer. By travelling in a campervan Brisbane, you avoid public transports, which are a potential hotspot for Coronavirus. Campervan hire Australia travel gives you a chance to escape everyday life and revive your mental peace in tranquil destinations with a very low risk of contracting the virus.

2. Hygienic travel 

If you are travelling with loved ones who are at high risk during a pandemic, a campervan rental would be the ideal way to travel. You don’t have to worry about the hygiene of common surfaces such as elevator buttons, handrails and shared bathrooms etc. Travelling in a fully equipped campervan for hire means you have your own safe haven and you can avoid having interactions with the public. You can cook your own meals, avoid lines in public restaurants and sleep comfortably in the comfort of your little home on wheels. 

3. Freedom to travel 

Australia is a country that is made for road trips. Campgrounds, caravan parks and dump stations can be found in almost every town and state. Enjoy the freedom of waking up to the sound of crashing waves, chirping birds and sights of wildlife. You can go for a road trip on the scenic coasts, the adventurous outbacks, the majestic snow mountains and many more. 

Precautions while travelling in a Campervan Australia 

  1. Do thorough research 

Before you embark on your travel, conduct research thoroughly about the regulations that are currently in place. Refer to the guidelines on government websites and other genuine sources of information. If you are planning to stay at a national park or a campsite, call ahead to check whether they are welcoming visitors and find out if they are abiding by all the safety measures. 

  1. Pack Strategically 

Typically, on a road trip, you would want to make stops at famous food joints and restaurants and grab your favourite supplies along the way. But, it is advisable to pack strategically and avoid random stops on your journey in the current situation. You should also be prepared for unexpected halts and extended stays and pack your essentials accordingly. Campervans are equipped with kitchen facilities, so you should carry grocery, water and as much food as possible. 

  1. Have backup plans

It is recommended that you should not fixate on a particular itinerary. Choose a route with multiple backups, as some of the tourist attractions may be closed and some may be overcrowded. Planning will help you stay safe and socially distanced and optimise your travel experience. Instead of visiting popular tourist spots, opt for tranquil and offbeat escapades. 

  1. Don’t Forget Your Covid Essentials

In the new normal, there are few essentials that you shouldn’t forget. Carry a big bottle of hand sanitizer and frequently sanitize your hands after touching surfaces at the gas stations or public bathrooms. If possible, wear disposable latex gloves on your stops so that you can minimize the chances of infection. Wearing a mask is mandatory at most places, and even if they aren’t required, you should always wear a mask to protect yourself and others. Apart from masks and sanitizers, you should also carry face shields, surface disinfectants, hand gloves, medications and a first aid kit after you have booked a campervan for hire Australia. 

Signing off! 

After being at home for so long, heading on an adventure would be an enriching and reviving experience for you and your loved ones. However, you should enjoy the outdoors responsibly and cautiously to keep yourself and others safe and healthy. Hiring a Campervan Australia is a safer mode of travel comparatively. You must prioritize your safety and practice all the necessary precautions on your adventure. We would want you to come back home with a happy heart and a healthy uninfected body.