Is Cold the New Hot? ‘Cool’ Fashion Trends for 2022


While the coronavirus pandemic may have negatively impacted a diverse range of industries, fashion and apparel doesn’t seem to have been included in this list.

To this end, the global retail fashion market is now worth around $1.78 trillion, with just under half of this sum being spent in China and the US. The worldwide apparel market is worth a further $1.4 trillion, while sales are often sustained throughout both the summer and winter seasons.

Interestingly, winter fashion trends are continuing to evolve, beyond merely woolly jumpers and fluffy socks. In this post, we’ll look at how you can dress stylishly and practically while observing current, seasonal trends, taking inspiration from the fashion industry and its experts!

#1. Dresses

While so-called “sweater dresses” have always been popular in the winter, other similar garments are becoming increasingly well-worn during the colder months.

In fact, minis, midis and maxi dresses can all be worn during the winter months, so long as you style them well and ensure that they’re practical and fit for purpose.

For example, you can combine your choice of dress with a jumper or stylish womens’ thermal top, creating stylish and functional layers. According to the most recent trends, you can also incorporate shirts and blouses into your layering, with Glamour Magazine suggesting that the combination of a crisp white shirt and winter jumper is highly appealing. 

In terms of the most popular winter dresses, long-knitted and turtlenecks garments are definitely in-vogue, while you can also pair these items with heeled boots and a belt to recreate a classic look.

#2. Tops, Tops and Tops

The cable knit jumper has also proved popular this winter, especially when paired with a long-sleeve top for underneath.

Regardless of what type of top you use to layer your outfit, you should opt for plain and neutral tones that are versatile and easy to pair with bright cardies or patterned coats (we’ll have a little more on this later).

It’s also worth noting that big, flamboyant sleeves are in fashion this winter, along with puffy shoulders. Such details certainly pack a punch to your outfit and boast a strong sense of nostalgia, so they’re sure to be popular if you grew up during the 1980s!

When it comes to creating outfits for going out, it’s important to strike the ideal balance between style and comfort. For example, you could opt for cross over bardot tops with long sleeves, to accentuate your figure while ensuring that your arms are kept warm.

3. Last, But Not Least, Coats

Coats are obviously a key winter staple, and it’s important to remember that you can have a good quality and warm winter garment that also looks stylish.

Currently, the most popular winter coats are around knee-length, while statement garments will also feature large and flamboyant collars to create an extra layer around your neck. 

Puffer and quilted coats are also all the rage at present, primarily because they offer optimal insulation against the cold while maintaining a stylish and high-end cut.

This is the most important takeaway this winter, as there’s no longer any real need to compromise on style in the pursuit of keeping warm.