Is Instagram Growing As a Dating Platform?


We live in an era where we do everything online. From online classes, ordering food or clothes, working online etc. Likewise, dating is also extremely common online now. In fact, across the world in both Western and Asian countries, even in Singapore, escort Singapore are found online and booked online for dating too. So what is wrong with online dating or relationships?

Instagram is undoubtedly the digital need of the time. It is one of the most efficient, easy-to-use applications with an estimate of 1.074 billion users across the globe in 2021. It allows you to connect, share moments and experiences through pictures and videos with people worldwide.

Many people use this social media application to benefit by increasing reach and sharing content and allowing young people to earn a significant amount of money. Not only is Instagram user-friendly, but it is also great for friendships and love interests.

During the hit of the novel coronavirus, there has been a surge in online dating relationships as people would like to maintain a social distance but also receive affection and love.

Dating on Instagram is not a new practice, many people have found love through this social media platform for years now. During the pandemic, many people found it easier to connect with other people through Instagram and not a dating site.

Many have suggested that Instagram is more transparent than just a dating profile. They are able to learn more about a person, their friends & family, preferences and their life with the view of their Instagram feed.

When it comes to finding love online, here’s how you can find the right match on Instagram:

Firstly, begin with creating a presentable aesthetic of your Instagram. Nobody likes a profile with random googled images. Maintain the feed by posting pictures of yourself, doing things you like.

The feed must appear organic and subtle. A good Instagram feed also reflects a fun, outgoing personality that most people look for.

How to DM a girl on Instagram?

If you want to interact more with people or open to date, keep your Instagram profile public. It makes you more approachable, and you can DM girl easily. But in case you want to approach someone, here are a few tips:

  • Do not try too hard to persuade when it comes to starting conversations with a girl. 
  • Instead of being cliche and complimenting how beautiful she is, begin with something that she has posted on her feed. 
  • You can start by replying to her Instagram stories. 
  • This will allow you to engage with her and connect well with what her interests are like.

Once you have received a response to the DM, you are good to go. Do not overthink, be yourself and engage with her about things she likes, you may also compliment her, maybe she will find it flattering.

How to DM a guy on Instagram?

Living in the 21st century teaches us that it is okay for women to approach men and is equally a normal practice, here are a few tips:

  • It is okay to DM a guy you fancy with an open mind. 
  • The rules for boys or girls are not different. All you need to do is connect with them by engaging with what they have posted recently. 
  • Get to know them and the best thing about Instagram is that you can even share each other’s memes. 
  • It’s a fun way of dating online.

Instagram is a much more organic way of online dating. You simply do not swipe right or less based on a few pictures and a bio, this platform allows people of the younger generations to connect with people with whom they have similarities in terms of followers, hashtags or preference of aesthetic.