Is It Safe To Do A Furnace Installation Yourself?


It is that time of the year when the weather is chilling in most parts of the world. Which would force a number of people to find a means to keep their home warm in order to survive the weather. One of such gracious device that has been making it easier for people to survive in chilling seasons is the furnace. However, furnace installation cost could reel into a few hundred bucks making people that have already purchased it to consider not paying anyone but instead volunteer to handle the task of installation themselves. This is the point where the question, Is It Safe To Do A Furnace Installation Yourself?, become a necessary one. Though you might consider the option of doing it yourself a less expensive one but looking at critically, you are setting yourself for more harm than good. The Installation of a furnace is a technical activity, and if you have no technical knowledge whatsoever, you shouldn’t attempt going ahead with the task.


Here are a few things that could go wrong if you attempt to install a furnace without prior technical knowledge:

Gas Leak

The gas line is normally acting as the fuel to the furnace. In the course of trying to install a furnace, just because you don’t know the right place to touch, you could mistakenly rupture the gas line, thereby causing a leak. Health-wise, this leak can be detrimental as staying in such environment that has been saturated with Carbon Monoxide can cause seizures and in extreme cases, lead to Coma. You don’t want to set up yourself for such.

Fire Outbreak

You could be trying to connect some wires and in the course of it make the wrong connections; causing an electrical spark. In a case where the room is already saturated with such harmful gaseous substances, any spark of fire could be blown out if proportion thereby causing a massive fire explosion. At that point, you will be filled with regrets because that small decision of attempting to do the furnace has cost you your properties and probably your house.

Damage Of The Furnace

A technician would surely know the right connections to make when installing a furnace. But when handled by someone without prior knowledge of the basics of installing a furnace, you could make the wrong connections that could lead to the damaging of the furnace. To what gain is it to buy a furnace and end up blowing it up because you didn’t call on the right person for the job.

At this point, you would agree that the answer to the question – Is It Safe To Do  A Furnace Installation Yourself? – is No, as it is more risky than safe.

However, after giving the installation out to the right professional for the job, there are some safety precautions you have to take note of and apply while using the furnace.

  • Installation Of Carbon Detectors

You can’t take away the possibility of encountering a gas leak situation while using the furnace. So it is more advisable to take the necessary precaution to keep you safe. Since the gas is mainly made up of Carbon Monoxide, the detector would set off its alarm when even a sniff of carbon monoxide is detected in the home. That way, you can quickly move to a safer place and call the right authorities to have the situation controlled.

  • Installation Of Fire Detectors

No one ever wishes to an experience a fire outbreak, but that doesn’t take away the possibility of it happening. With a fire detector, you will be alarmed of any fire situation in your home environment before it hits the roof. With a fire extinguisher close by, you could put out the fire easily before it blows out of proportion.

  • Decluttering Of The Furnace Area

You should also be mindful of what you put around the furnace area. Having containers of grease, petrol and the likes around the area where the furnace is being mounted could be detrimental as those chemicals are highly flammable; it doesn’t make sense keeping flammable substances as such in an area where the furnace is located. So, by all means, if you are found wanting of leaving things around your furnace, refrain from doing such and clear the space to avoid sob stories.

  • Routine Servicing

Yes, this counts too. Prevention they say is better than cure. It is pertinent you call the right professionals to have your furnace checked routinely so as to take out the possibility of the furnace breaking down abruptly; which could make you end up spending more in when trying to have it fixed. Also, a damaged furnace which wasn’t properly checked could end up overheating making your home environment too hot for comfort.

  • Change Of Filters

Though this is one of the Acclaimed Heating, Cooling And Furnace Cleaning tips, it also counts as a safety measure too. The furnace is responsible for filtering the furnace from dirt in the course of operation, but when the furnace is clogged with dirt, the air in the home would be toxic and that could cause a serious medical condition. It is advisable to routinely change the filters between 1-2 months to have the furnace working optimally and also to keep you safe.

So, when next you faced with the question, is It Safe To Do A Furnace Installation Yourself? Remind yourself of what you’ve just read, and do the safe thing by calling on a professional to do it for you.