Is it time for you to change your broadband provider?


Nobody loves the buffering circle going round and round on your screen when you are watching your favourite Youtube channels or catching up on a season. Worse than the buffering, is the shady connection that disconnects every now and then and you’re off to restarting your devices and running diagnostics on your internet connection.

These are only some of the reasons why the thought of changing your broadband provider becomes a little consistent in your head and if you’re considering this change seriously, then there are definitely some things you should be aware of.


Whether it is less than satisfactory customer service and long waits on phone calls or you want better speeds at cheaper prices, changing your broadband provider comes with its own pros and cons and it is best if you study up before getting into it head-first.

Do your research on the providers in your area based on the packaged you need. Different providers offer solutions but may vary from area to area.

Check your current contract

Are you going to incur any fees for early cancellations? How far along are you in your current contract? Go through the contract with your current service provider to see if there are any surprises waiting for you to come out when you cancel.


Do your math. Check for combos. Many providers offer combos saving you money and hassle providing you with Television and Broadband bundles at affordable prices.

Cancel your current service

Some companies require notice before you cancel as part of the contract. Check if you have to notify them. Usually, you can do this online by filling out a form or simply walking into one of their offices and putting in a cancellation request.

Get back up or Allow for an overlap period

Between this cancellation and installation of the new connection, there must be a lag period which you should be prepared for. Either arrange for an alternative internet solution such as a mobile dongle or be prepared to be without the internet for some time.

Do you have an email with your current provider?

Many providers offer email addresses, which naturally you’re going to lose along with any data you have in the inbox if you switch providers. Make a backup and save any important data on your hard drive. Alternatively, use Gmail or other email providers for future use.

We hope that this will help you transition to a new service provider smoothly and help you do your due diligence as well as prepare you for the switch. If you have made up your mind, then looking for a new connection should be done by properly comparing all the providers and their packages and looking at the commitments involved. Switching your broadband provider over and over is not practical so it only makes sense to take your time when making the switch and making an informed decision with all facts considered.