Is the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus the Best Smartphone on the Market?


Every time a new smartphone hits the shelves, there’s talk of it being the best choice on the market. The hype lasts for weeks until it gets unceremoniously knocked off the pedestal by a new contender, or until users get acclimated to the special features so that it now becomes their expectation for every other smartphone that comes their way.

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S10Plus is finally out and in the excited hands of users, does it match up to the hype or does it fall flat?


The Reviews Have Been Stellar

YouTuber Marques Brownlee let his 8 million subscribers know that he thinks that the Samsung Galaxy S10Plus is the best smartphone currently out. His review concluded that this phone has set the new standard for other phones to beat.

The first feature he praises is the beautiful design. The touch screen is large, sleek and with thin bezels around the entire display. The apps have been placed lower on the screen for better accessibility with one-hand — this is especially helpful because the screen comes in at 6.4 inches. Marques’ YouTube review covers a long list of other Samsung Galaxy S10Plus features like the excellent battery life, the camera options and the strong performance quality.

Reviewers at Beebom called the smartphone the best Android flagship that’s on the market. The reviewers at Tech Radar gave it a near perfect rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars for its fresh takes on features like Wireless PowerShare and in-screen fingerprint sensors. It’s clear that it’s been a hit for professionals in the tech industry.

The Problems Aren’t Dealbreakers

No smartphone will go without criticism. Of course, the S10Plus has already acquired a bit of it. One of the problems is that the design is slippery. If you leave the naked smartphone sitting on a smooth or tilted table top, it will slide right off. The easiest solution is to look up custom fit skins for the Galaxy S10 Plus and find one that fits with your sense of style. That will keep your phone safe in your hand and on top of tables.

Another problem is that there is a “hole-punch” in the top corner of the touch screen to fit in the front-facing cameras. Some have likened it to the notorious iPhone notch and have complained that it’s ugly and distracting, especially when watching full-screen videos.

It’s possible to cover up the hole-punches by changing the display settings — however, this will bring the bezel down. Many users are finding a loophole to this problem by using wallpapers that incorporate the notch into the background.

The Sales Numbers Are Record-Breaking

In addition to getting love from the experts, the smartphone has been stealing the hearts of users around the world. According to Notebook Check, the Samsung Galaxy S10 sales broke pre-order sales records — this includes the sales made by its predecessor, the S9 line. When looking at the line’s pre-orders, the S10Plus was the most popular choice from users.

Looking at the reviews and the sales numbers, it seems like the S10Plus is the real deal. It may have flaws and nitpicking problems, but they don’t detract from the high performance and slew of special features that Samsung has brought to the table. In this case, the hype might not be overblown at all.