Is Wooden Flooring Durable?


Wooden floors are elegant, ideal for all the rooms in any house and extremely versatile. That’s why they have become the preferred flooring for so many homeowners. Once you set them down on any floor, you may rest assured that you have selected one of the most resistant materials available and that with good care and maintenance you will enjoy them for many years to come. Also, you do not have to go all out and do all the rooms at once. Working with your budget, you can install wooden floors in one room at a time.


What Are The Advantages Of Installing Hardwood Floors?


Due to their durable finishes that are easy to repair, solid hardwood floors can last a hundred years or more. There are very few flooring materials that can withstand the passage of time like hardwood floors. Over time, wooden floors have proven to be a beautiful and durable option for any home or office.

Comfort And Warmth

Hardwood floors are much more pleasant to walk on than other floors that always feel cold and uncomfortable underfoot. Wood is an excellent insulator, thanks to its thousands of tiny air chambers per cubic inch, which retain heat.


Do you or your loved ones suffer from allergies? Unlike carpets, wooden floors do not trap pollen, animal dander or mold and they do not allow anything to hide or grow on it. Even when carpets are steam cleaned, it is impossible to be absolutely sure that they are completely clean. In fact, dampening them only makes things worse. Wooden floors are an excellent choice for anyone with any type of environmental allergies.

Easy To Clean

With a good sweeping and light mopping your wooden floors are easy to maintain looking like new for a long time. Even families with dogs and children realize that it is easier to clean a hardwood floor than having to constantly spray clean or wash a carpet.

Increase In The Value Of Your Property

Unless you intend to live in the same house for the rest of your life, you should consider how the different flooring options you install will influence the final price of your home when you get ready to sell it. Carpet tends to look old worn in a few short years, while hardwood floors last long and add value to a house (if you’ve ever seen any house hunters show on TV, you are aware, without a doubt, that almost all potential buyers look for hardwood floors). Even laminate floors, which looks like wooden flooring, are not an option for home buyers. They just do not offer the same quality or feel.

Help Your Wooden Floors Last Even Longer

There are some actions you can take to keep your wooden floors looking fabulous year after year. Here are some tips:

  • Get into the habit of routinely cleaning your floors
  • Make sure to clean up any spills as soon as they happen
  • Proactively keep your pets from damaging your floors
  • When rearranging heavy pieces of furniture, make sure they all have protective padding underneath and avoid dragging uncovered furniture legs across your wooden floors

Whether you select European Oak, parquet, bamboo or engineered hardwood flooring, you can rest assured that Pacific Hardwood Flooring will have you loving your floors, and enjoying them for many years to come.