Items all around the house that can be dangerous for the kids


Not only the items that look dangerous are the only ones that should be placed away from the kid’s eyes. There are some items that doesn’t look dangerous at all, however can be way more dangerous than the ones we are afraid of. These are items that can be found in every single house, all around the house. The worst part is that we are not aware of its danger, therefore we do nothing in order to keep them away from the kids. But if we study them better, we will see how dangerous indeed they are.

The following are only a few of them. Pay closer attention to them and remove them, or at least try to protect your kids from them the best you can. The results can be fatal even though they don’t come with such instructions.

Carpets and rugs

The reason for this is the number of bacteria they hide. They can not be seen with the eye, however they are the favourite place not only for the bacteria but for the bugs as well. Try to use them as little as possible. Or remove them all from your home could be another option.


Medicine that looks like candies

We all know the kids are that curious that they place in their mouth whatever they touch with their hands. They can’t make a difference between a medicine that looks like a candy and a real candy. What they only see is the beautiful colour and the same shape that they have.

Wrinkles that tighten the head too much

A small kid can’t tell you what hurts. It can only cry for hours and you won’t know the real reason. Of course we all want them to be beautiful and pretty, however the useless wrinkles that serve only as a decor do nothing but hurt your kid’s head. You better avoid its usage.

An open bag

A woman’s bag might be the worst item that a kid can play with. First of all, if they are too small they might hurt themselves with the sharp edges and the zips. On the other hand, the items inside the bag are not all eatable. We all know that the kids love tasting and trying everything. Starting from make ups, ending with hard items that might even cut them are a fair reason to keep your bag away from your kid.

Peeling paint from a wall

That’s another thing your kid would try without thinking it twice. They have no idea that this is chemically not recommendable for eating. So if you see such a thing in your house try to fix it as soon as possible.






Big mirrors

Some experts even suggest that leaving your kids staring at themselves at a mirror when they are too young is something that should be avoided. They recommend doing it after the age of four. However, the real reason behind hiding mirrors from your kid’s eves and hands is that it is easily breakable so it might hurt them if it breaks.