Items on which you shouldn’t save, even if you’re short of money


A great number of articles teach you how to save money by buying only the essential things. Another recommend you to focus on the cheapest options. However, each of the suggestions has advantages and disadvantages. There are items on which you shouldn’t save even if you are facing difficult times when your budget is in question. Your health depends on exactly that items, therefore it is not recommendable to take risks.


The following list shows you the items you can’t save money on. When in crisis but you want to buy something, bare this in mind.


It is way better to have only one pair of shoes than having several pairs of bad quality. The first and most important reason has to do with your health. The cheap shoes are made of cheap materials. They don’t only leave bad smell all around but affect the shape of your feet. They do you scars and blisters that last for a long period of time. Moreover they get destroyed in only few weeks. This makes you buy yet another pair which, when you do the final bill, costs you more than a good pair of shoes.

Bare in mind that the feet are under constant pressure. It depends on your job but you might spend the entire day in them. Therefore your feet deserve something comfortable, not only cheap.



The clothes that include the underwear should be the ones on which you will spend most of your money. Pick items made of 100% cotton. The cheap ones are made of polyester. This, on the other hands, is a cause for many infections. Once you start having such problems it is very difficult to get rid of it. Such cheap underwear irritates your skin. Some of the items are even made very bad, have a bad quality and don’t even look nice. You will end up spending more money on buying new one each weak because they look like if they were for a single use.

Moreover the bra with a good quality can even cause you difficulties with breathing. If it squeezes you a lot it can stop your blood circulation. The bad circulation is bad is bad especially for the new mamas.


Oral care

Did you know that the history remembers people who have died because of bad care about their oral health? It might sound crazy but it’s true. Nowadays, especially the ladies, take more care about their nails rather than their teeth. As soon as you feel a toothache you should go to your dentist running. The sooner you spot the problem, the cheaper it will be for you. The more you wait, the bigger the problem it gets. Therefore at the end it might coast you a fortune.

Yet another reason why shouldn’t you save money on your oral care is that your breath smells terrible when you have a bad tooth. This leaves a good image in front of anyone. You should look good both from the inside like from the outside.