It’s Time to Pump Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal 


What do you notice first when you look at your home? Is it the siding? The garage door? The porch? The shutters? The color? The yard? There are so many features on the exterior of the house that people will see as they pass by your home, and the perception that they get is known as curb appeal.

Curb appeal is extremely important when it comes to buying and selling homes. The first picture people see is probably the street-view of your home. Or if they walk by, they can get a firsthand look at the property. When a home has great curb appeal, it is more likely to receive more and higher offers during the sale process. Plus, as a homeowner, you can take pride in the fact that people love the look of your house even if you have no plans to sell.

So what makes curb appeal increase? With so many different features of your property that are visible to passersby, there is a similar number of opportunities to make upgrades that will pump up your home’s curb appeal. Here are a few ideas that you can take advantage of to upgrade the exterior of your home, boosting the look and the resale value. 

Update the Siding

Siding is a major aspect of any home’s exterior. It is the basis for many other design choices that you will make for other features. If you have outdated exteriors that need to be upgraded for a fresher look, better insulation, and moisture prevention, then making a change will significantly impact curb appeal. Maybe it is time to finally replace that stucco exterior that is starting to get old. Or if your siding is years old and starting to waste away, it is time to invest in a replacement to protect your home and its value. You could choose to go with vinyl, stone, aluminum, or brick to change the look. 

Garage Door Makeover

A garage door that is attached to your house is one of the largest and most noticeable features on your property. It represents a large canvas with which you can be very creative, but most people do not even give it a second thought. Instead of ignoring your garage door, maybe you can frame it with a pergola to add some contrast to the feature. Many people are electing to create a barn door effect by adding faux hinges and door handles in the center made with a darker metal. This charming effect can make a huge difference on a plain, white garage door. You could also paint additional patterns on the door that make it stand out to people walking or driving by. Take advantage of this blank slate on the front of your home to level up the curb appeal.

How is Your Green Thumb?

Incorporating nature into your property the right way can shift other people’s opinions of your home. If you have not invested in a garden outside your home, then what are you waiting for? People love to see gardens around the house and they can make an entryway truly beautiful. There are a few effective methods for improving your garden, including a freshly painted fence, artificial grass, and additional plants. You can also add a charming pathway through or around the garden such as stone, gravel, or flattened wood stumps. This can make your garden more physically accessible and visually appealing. Even the addition of a cute bench can have a big impact on the overall atmosphere of your garden, and therefore, your home’s exterior. The most important aspect of the garden is the plants, of course, so make sure they are well-cared for so that they are thriving and vibrant.

Light Up the Entryway

The entrance to your home says a lot about you. If it is boring or neglected, then people will not feel welcomed when they visit. Lighting up your entryway is a great strategy for boosting curb appeal, allowing you to highlight the features that make it welcoming from the perspective of others. This strategy only works, of course, if you have exciting exterior features to highlight. So not only should you incorporate beautiful elements into your front entrance, but use some floodlights or string lights to enhance those elements even further. 

Make Changes that Suit Your Home and Style

Wholesale changes to your home’s exterior should not be made willy-nilly, they have to make sense. Whether the various elements contrast each other in an attractive way or serve as a complement, make sure that the upgrades that you make create a unified exterior. A mish-mash of features that clash could end up devaluing your home and cause others to not even look twice as they pass by. Come up with a design plan for your curb appeal and seek help from a professional designer if you are having trouble picturing the whole thing coming together.