It’s Time to Switch to a Long-Lasting Wallet


There are certain staples of a wardrobe that make a huge impact on you but may not be immediately recognizable to anyone else. One of those staples is the traditional wallet. This concept of having a specific tool that holds everything from important documents to currency has been around for hundreds of years. Wallets are something that men and women both use, on a daily basis. 

What’s interesting about a wallet, is even if it lives inside your back pocket, purse, or even book bag most of the time, it has a certain significance and importance that matters when you do pull it out. Yes, there is a good chance that the majority of the people you interact with on any given day will never even see your wallet, but for those who do, you just want it to have a good impression. 

A good wallet has a certain kind of dignity to it, and even though it’s rarely out in the open it feels good to be proud of your wallet. Superior materials, a satisfying and pleasing design, all of this matters. Even though this part of your wardrobe may not be something that many people interact with or see, the other interesting thing about a wallet is that you use it regularly. 

All of this is to say, that when it comes to choosing a wallet for your lifestyle, there are certain things you should consider. With such a high level of use and the importance of its design, you want a wallet that is long-lasting. One with a timeless design and made from premium materials that will go the distance.  This is in part because it’s frankly annoying to have to purchase a new wallet and get used to it, and also because your wallet does function as an organizational tool. 

Getting a wallet that will last you a long time is a way of helping you stay organized. If you have been thinking that it’s time to switch to a long-lasting wallet, here is everything you need to know and what to look for! 

What Kind of Wallet Fits Your Life Style Best?

Here’s the first place you have to start when looking to get a long-lasting, quality wallet. It’s important to think through your purchase decision because the goal is to not have to buy another wallet for a long time. If you get one that simply doesn’t work with your day-to-day routines, before you know it you’ll be browsing the internet again looking for another one. So let’s take a look at a couple of different styles. 

All Cards

If you find that you never carry any cash on you and you are drawn to a more minimalist design and function, then a wallet much like the Turner might be your best bet. This kind of wallet style is focused on a minimalist design that doesn’t give any room for anything other than the necessities. Your ID, driver’s license, and various credit or debit cards will fit perfectly. Maybe a picture or two can slide into a compartment, but this is really meant to take up as little space as possible and carry the bare essentials. 

While this is a great-looking wallet, it may not be a good fit for someone who’s older or someone who wants to carry around physical cash money. This also isn’t a great wallet for people who collect and keep physical receipts either. This is important to keep in mind if you are making the purchase as a gift. 

The Traditional All In One Wallet Style

This is the kind of wallet you probably grew up seeing your dad pull out of his back pocket. Stuffed to its maximum limits, this style wallet held everything from various business cards, receipts, cash, and all the essentials like IDs and credit cards. For the person who needs this level of storage, something like the beefy Ambassador wallet would be a great choice. 

A Clip Style Hybrid 

What about the person who is extremely well organized and can make the best of both worlds happen. This is the person who loves to have a few cash bills on their person but is capable of keeping things streamlined and minimalistic. This kind of hybrid, single-piece style wallet like the Duke might be the perfect option. 


Buying a good quality and long-lasting wallet is an investment you’ll be happy that you made. Once you know what kind of wallet style you enjoy, make sure and get a wallet that’s made from premium materials that are built to last. Wallets have a kind of sentimental value to them and getting one that can serve you well through the years is well worth it in the end.