Jim Carrey’s inspirational quotes


Jim Carrey was born on 17th of January 1962. He is an American-Canadian actor, comedian, impressionist, scenarist and a director. However, there is no need of further explication. You surely know who is he. Therefore we can jump to the main thing right now. Take a look at his inspirational quotes that will make you change your perspective on life.

“Most of us decide to walk the road of fear that’s masked. What we really pray for seems impossible, unreachable with almost no chance to happen. That’s why we never have enough courage to ask the Universe for it. But look at me! I am a real proof that you can ask the Universe whatever you wish for.”
“There are always only two options: love or fear. Choose the love and never let the fear keep you away from what makes your heart melt.”
“According to what I have experienced so far, you have to first ask the Universe whatever you want. Then You are supposed to work on it. Then you have to definitely stop thinking about how fast or how come it will happen. Just be prepared to receive.”
“My experience claims that the power you have on the other people is the most precious currency on Earth.”
“I am completely aware and conscious when I say I look on the challenges as something useful and positive. That’s how I turn them into something productive.”
“Why don’t you give the faith a chance? Not the religion, but the faith. Not the hope but the faith. I don’t believe in hope. It drains me. The hope walks through the fire while the faith over jumps it.”
“It’s not your job to know how will something come to you. Your job is to open the door and get into receiving mode. Once the door opens into your real life, just walk through it. Don’t get disappointed if you miss your turn. There are plenty of doors yet to be open. They will all open eventually, don’t worry.”
“To be honest, my wish is to be the greatest actor of all times. There’s nothing I love best. But I don’t have to be. All I want is to be here, present. That’s all.”
“I am way too serious when I say “NO” to the alcohol and drugs. The life is too beautiful to consume them.”
“It is much better to risk and die of hunger than to just give up. If you give up on your dreams, what else is there to follow?”


In addition, this actor is in an retirement now. He barely shows up on the scene. Jim also says that his greatest wish for everyone is to become famous so they can realize that the money mean nothing if you are not in peace with yourself. He suggests that everyone should work on himself first. The self development is the most beautiful and worthy education one can have. However, no one teaches youto do this. It’s your job to search and have a will to become the best version of yourself.