Jobs that will be demanding in the next few years


You’ve graduated college, but seems like it is hard to find a job according to your major. Or maybe you are too tired working in the same sector for years, and you want to change it. Changing career is not that easy. It takes time, money and dedication to enrich your knowledge in unfamiliar area. And if taking a new course is your next step, you should stay on this page until you check all these jobs that are going to be on demand for the next year.

Hybrid Roles

Since the beginning of Covid, the economy started to fall, and that might be the reason many employees lost their jobs. The companies that survived are in need for one person to complete many tasks from different sectors. It is not surprising that hybrid roles are on the top of the list. If you are skilled in many areas, this is a win role for you. And it is good when you are getting bored working the same job for a long time.

Digital Marketing Specialists

Since everything is going digital, and the new businesses are receiving orders online, it is not that odd that everything connected to marketing is popular now and will be demanding in the next few years. From SEO, Content marketing, Social Media are something you should consider when taking a new course and switch to a new career. After all, if you don’t like the digital marketing tasks, choose traditional ones, like marketing strategist that surely be demanding as well.

Designers (Graphic/ Creative)

Arts and creativity are never out of style. From designing a logo for a new business, business cards, or an online brochure needs a creative hand to make it attractive to the consumers. If it is attractive enough it will benefit profit to the business. If you have artsy mind take some course and look for a job that can fill your pocket while putting creative effort.

Data Analysts

The power of internet gives us a lot of information and data that need to be managed well and sorted. Analyzing, sorting and storing data has never been so important as it is nowadays, and shortly. No matter what type of business is, they all need Data Analysts to provide them with all the relevant data and use it properly for their causes. The more e-commerce is growing the more these roles will be needed.

IT Roles

All these previous jobs would be nothing without jobs in technology. This explains why many IT roles are raising their salaries so often. From testers, developers and engineers in Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence, the career market is really big with tons of opportunities with these types of jobs. Of course, if you are ready to hit the chair and learn those codes.

HR Professionals

Name a company that doesn’t need a HR. You can’t think of any, right? HR professionals are the one who decide whether one person can be adequate employee in the company they are working for, according to their psychological features. This job position doesn’t ask much, just some skills for recognizing quality people to fit in the company. If you always wanted to work with people, this position would be ideal for you, besides that is very fun job.