My Journey with an Air Mattress


I have heard a lot of myths about air mattresses and how bad they are for your back. Whenever people start talking about mattresses, the topic of air mattress comes up. In most cases, the cause of back and neck pain is related to the firmness of a mattress. It could be that your mattress is either too firm or too soft.

A firm mattress is not good for your back and likewise a soft mattress can create problems to your spinal cord. Therefore, you need to have a mattress that is firm enough to support your spinal cord and soft enough to relieve you of pain in the pressure points and thus ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.

Optimal Firmness Helps Better Spinal Alignment

An optimally firm mattress is what your body requires to get comfortable sleep. Your spine will be aligned better when you use a mattress with optimum tension or firmness. If you are a side sleeper, you can easily figure out that when sleeping on a hard surface, your spinal alignment will be irregular and it can cause serious problems to your back, neck and spine. Likewise, when you are sleeping on a soft mattress, your body will start to sink in to the mattress and make it difficult to align your spinal cord correctly.

Pros of Air Mattresses

  • Customized Firmness: Customized Firmness is the most important advantage of an air mattress. Depending upon your body requirement, you can set the firmness of an air mattress. In short, you can make it firmer or softer. To increase the firmness, you just need to add more air. And to make your air mattress soft, just remove some air from it.
  • Relief from Pain: Air mattress is considered as the best remedy for people suffering from severe back and spinal problems. Due to its adjustable nature, you can adjust the firmness of the air mattress to match your back. The right firmness gives your body the much need comfort and pressure relief.  Air mattress also helps for better body contouring compared to other types of mattresses.
  • Two Separate Inner Chambers: The two separate inner chambers in an air mattress make it easy to share your mattress with your partner or friend. Depending upon the requirement of your partner, you can make one side of the mattress more firm or soft and the other side can have completely different levels of firmness or softness.
  • Odorless: Air mattresses are made of PVC material. This means they are odor free. Having an air mattress can help you to sleep peacefully without having to worry about odors anymore.
  • Durability: Nowadays, you can get air mattresses that have more durability compared to a memory foam mattress or innerspring mattress. An air mattress, if maintained properly, can last for 15 years whereas the life span of a memory foam mattress or latex mattress is 8 – 10 years.
  • Easy to Setup and Use: Air mattresses are easy to setup and use. With the help of an air pump, you can setup your air mattress within minutes. Before you buy an air mattress, you can go through the various brands that sell air mattresses, compare the different brands and read reviews in
  • Light Weight: Air mattress has multiple uses. You can use your newly purchase air mattress indoors as well as outdoors, depending upon your requirement. It is easy to carry an air mattress as it is light weight. Just by removing the air from your air mattress, you can even take your air mattress when you go out for a vacation.

If you can afford an air mattress, then it would definitely be worth buying one as it can help you get comfortable sleep and has a lot of benefits too. Who wouldn’t like the idea of getting comfortable sleep?