Justification On The Use Of Insulated Glass And Panels In Buildings


With so many buildings being invented in the building and construction industry, glass is one of the requirements needed for the building towards the finish stage. Glass is said to be a very captivating material in the eyes of mankind. It is perceived that one of the properties it possess is being magical. It’s also considered to be one of the most flexible materials found in the building industry thus, very humble since its application can be used on a window pane to as far as sophisticated structures found in architecture.


For us to understand the uses of insulated glass, we must know its origin. This type of glass was invented in the year 1865 by Thomas Stetson, but didn’t get much use in the construction industry until 1930.The glass was made and introduced to the market by C.D Haven (U.S) which he later called thermopane. It later became common in the 1950’s.It was realized that the glass is good for increased insulation against sound and thermal heat. This innovation was of importance because it opened the door for more researches and developments in order to increase more ways of making the insulation properties sound effective. The latest development of it is made up of three window panes and at times, two which are then divided into constituent elements using a vacuum. The vacuum space may at times be replaced with gas so that it helps in minimization of heat transfer in the restricted area of the building.

The uses insulation in glass may vary for different purposes in buildings. Most of the time when incorporating these glasses in buildings, we have to consider their thickness range so that they suit where they are intended. The thickness range is mainly 3mm to 10 mm and most units are found to be produced within a scale of same glass thickness; save for the special application such as the use of acoustic attenuation. These glasses are used on double glazed windows because they are just the perfect idea for energy efficiency mechanism with an added advantage of minimizing noise. They should be incorporated in homes so that the temperatures are maintained at a favorable level in winter.

Designers have the ability to make us look at a building and be completely blown off by the way they incorporate the elements of design in it. Insulated glass panels may be used in large sizes to create a dramatic effect. It’s surprising how this has come to be a trend as most skyscraping buildings are adopting it. I do support the idea that they should be incorporated since they look so appealing aesthetically, energy efficient and very economical. A lot of people spend the better part of the day behind machines and I think with those insulated glass paneled windows, they will feel a little better. Improvements are always being done every day so that everyone finds a reason to use this high-end performing glass windows.

Some of the factors that contribute to the successful use of large insulation windows are as follows; The glass units should have a wind load not exceeding ¾ to prevent deflection, administering heat treating to it and having a glazing system. The system should be designed specifically for that type of unit so that it supports the entire weight of the glass. When these factors are well incorporated, it’s no doubt that we will come to appreciate buildings that will be done either commercially or for residential purposes.

Still on the effect of insulation by use of glass, it’s good to agree that it is one way of reducing the cost that you can spend on heating your house and cooling it. Another important thing to note is that not these glasses are used the same way; different buildings are designed for different purposes. Conductive glass insulation may be useful in summer and winter. Insulated glass needs to have a higher R-value for it to be effective.

Glass panels are a great item to deal with because of their sustainability purposes. Glass windows are the best example here because when incorporated in a building, they can change the rooms so that they appear to be luminous, spacious and some even go to the extent of creating facades. They come in different designs and shapes hence a great opportunity for you to choose the one that will bring out the effect you desire. An interior designer is a great deal when it comes to client’s choice of glass panels; this is because all of them appear to be effortlessly beautiful and a person may not even be sure of what they want. When well chosen, the panels tend to seamlessly fit into both indoor and outdoor areas which otherwise leads to fluidity of spaces and the buildings to appear gracefully transited.

The issue of sustainability cannot be ignored when it comes to the use of these two types of glasses. It’s no longer a new term but it’s a very sensitive part for clients to check when they want to erect a building. This is because people have seen the benefits of sustainable building over the decades. This implies that some may not see it convenient to use glass panels for their buildings since its relationship with the sustainability of the environment is questionable. The reason being cited is, their high emission in transfer of efficiency. Let’s appreciate the smart brains that are always at pace thinking of a better day in regards to keep our environment safe. This is because the recently manufactured insulated glasses will make us have a different perspective of glass and their efficiency.  Glass plays a very vital role in a building and we are proud of the recent technology for improving double glazing, thermal performance, lamination and coating.

The usage of glass is so vast worldwide. This gives us more chances to increase the sizes of the window and come up with more designs of how to add more windows on a building. This will be so advantageous since most people love comfort even if it means costing a lot of their money. Buildings bearing insulated glass panels will be able to make maximum use of light exposure and have control over the temperature too. Many people will be drawn to live in such homes because they will make a person to be visually compelled to a space that has a connection with the outside world courtesy of these glass panel. This is great news for both architects and designers because they will freely incorporate glass the panels without fear of contradiction. In fact, it can be called a marriage of performance in design which is a goal for the builders and consumers!

The functionality of these glasses is not tied to transparency but goes beyond its basic properties to become one of the major scopes of design and architecture. It’s always enhanced with additional functions to form an essential part of network building because the most common part of a building that uses glass are windows. They are defined as complex yet interesting parts in a fabric of a home. Apart from letting in fresh air, windows are used as a link between interior and outdoor spaces. Insulation of windows may have an impact on its performance as it will help with controlling the thermal performance of a building. This may result to thermal comfort if the windows are large enough which is achieved through placing the glass inside so that the surface temperatures will be close to the desired temperature in the room.

Insulated glass is very effective for buildings especially when used with reflective coatings. The glass units are mainly structured to consist of two glass panes which are divided and sealed together at the edge by a spacer. The space is always filled by an inert gases such as argon which are not harmful for human survival. The glass perimeter is always sealed therefore no granting of permission to movement of air outside .These type of glasses are mostly found in residential and business buildings. At times storm winds can be used with the initial single paned windows to minimize heat loss. I think their price is affordable too and if you think of renovating your home or buying a new one then these will be the best for you, but it’s recommended that you seek advice from your designer or builder.

It’s so unfortunate that when these glasses get broken, fogged up or cloudy, it’s hard for one to fix the repair. This happens especially if you notice that the area around the seal, which is the perimeter of those panes, break down and air from outside and moisture enter to fill that gap. It condenses in the glass giving it a foggy appearance. This mistake is always irreversible and the only way out is get the new entire panel and replace it.This is bad news yes, but for every good thing that is man-made, expect some limitations. There is a rule of the thumb that says, if the door or window is not metallic or wooden, then one is required to purchase the whole sash; or If the door or window is stationary then it may be an uphill task for both the un -installation and re installation process.

It’s not a coincidence or a surprise that the word glass rhymes along with class. The perception of glass facades tend to be associated with clean chic looking appearance that leaves viewers with the urge of wanting to see the cut over the others. Though insulated paneled glasses have been seen to have an influence over the interiors and exteriors of highly publicized commercial buildings, many of the offices today and residential towers have adopted facades that run from the ceiling to the flow. They are mainly found in lobbies and the interior partitions of the buildings that are mainly done using glass. Currently, one of the key architectural discoveries of modern times has been the evolution of these systematic glazing systems which are pointed .The engineers and designers have propelled so as to generate space that has a small vivid barrier located between the exterior and interior spaces whilst maintaining the original structure. This is done for both the two types of glasses in this article.

The use of glass is not a new trend right now or an invention because it dates back to medieval times. Although its primary function was to allow light into a building, today glass is used for enclosure purposes both at home and in offices too. A good example of insulated paneled glass is found in sports; the Yankee Stadium, the public sector and retail in both small and large scale coverages. The glass is fixed in a manner that it can be used for protection of historical sites .This guides tourists to view the feature as the glass acts as a clear veil. Glass panels technology has advanced that it’s easier nowadays to build a structure inform of an envelope by using insulating glass panels (IGUs) that are glazed three times. This will improve the efficiency of energy to interlayers that will further improve sound absorption, security and the honor of structures.

More advancement in structural paneled systems are outshining metals to become less evident so that the building stands out. This is more of an achievement for architects who have been stressing on the effect of less being more. One interesting way in which these will be used is for decoration purposes since they have the ability to refract, reflect and transmit light. It’s a good idea since the glass industry with the help of designers is finding its role in environmental sustainability. The most ideal and aesthetic appeal for both of the two glass types will be the provision of insulated glass wall for the purpose of separation giving the view an exotic finish.

With all the intriguing prospects, I think insulated glass and insulated glass panels should be incorporated in buildings for all the good reasons.