Kalpataru Paramount Review


As a homehunter, I did a lot of research to determine the best option to invest in property and came across many residential projects. After a tiring search, I am happy that the Kalpataru Paramount real estate project struck out as one of the best real estate developers the city has to offer: their organic rankings are outstanding (people can readily discover brochures on their site), their social media presence was strong, and I could see thay they put a lot of effort into their project.

Property Buying Experience in Kalpataru Paramount  

We spoke with one of Kalpataru Paramount’s sales executives. He spent hours addressing our inquiries, offering objective data on how many homes they sell, how long their projects normally stay on the market, and a wealth of information on local attractions. They made the process simple and made extra efforts such as giving us a virtual tour of the flat, images of the planned amenities, etc. When we saw a new property, they would do a meticulous inspection, looking for signs of faults and commenting on the quality of construction, finish, appliances, etc. They also guided us through several rounds of bargaining to arrive at a price we were happy with. We eventually discovered the perfect property for us and are enjoying it thus far.

Kalpataru Paramount Price & Amenities 

We purchased an apartment in their project called Kalpataru Paramount Flats in Thane, Maharashtra. Our apartment size in Kalpataru Paramount is 2 BHK. It is the appropriate size for an apartment and the optimum size for living with family and children. The rooms are large and spacious and made of high-quality materials. It has natural ventilation, allowing for good and light air movement. The flat is 527 square feet in size. We purchased it for a very low price of 1.15 crore in Thane, which is rare now. They provide so many amenities, something we frequently look for in apartments these times. Amenities like – a swimming pool, spa, power backup, clubhouse, gym, common garden, 24×7 security, indoor games, lift, and children’s play area make the project further appealing.

Reasons Why I Recommend Buying A Property In Kalpataru Paramount 

Buying from an inexperienced property developer is one of our most common blunders. These new developers lack qualifications, making obtaining permission for the land, an OC, or a possession letter difficult. There is a greater risk of being duped if you buy property in the wrong area, compromise on quality, or plan poorly. Therefore, dealing with recognized real estate developers in the market is the best option and KALPA-TARU is one such builder.

No foul play in RERA

Experienced developers must retain a high reputation for each project to attract many purchasers. To begin with, the developer is registered with RERA, so you won’t have to worry about any foul play while purchasing the flat. Furthermore, the paperwork will be done following the regulations, and in Kalpataru paramount, they have RERA ID P51700021474 | P51700026608 | P51700032095

Home Loans Are Easily Accessible

A house loan is a vital aspect of the home-buying process. Many reputable institutions, including ICICI, State Bank of India, and HDFC, have financial arrangements with Kalpataru Paramount. This makes obtaining a house loan with a low-interest rate easier.

On-time completion

One of the perks of RERA is that home buyers would be able to complete their projects on time. Kalpataru Paramount ensures that the project moves quickly to be completed on schedule. 


If you’ve ever discussed investing with a financial advisor, you know the need for diversity. Many people have gained fortunes purely through real estate investments. Real estate will always be a safe, tangible asset that may be used to reduce risk in your portfolio. And if you are going forward with Kalpataru Paramount, you will have great financial stability at all times. Don’t forget to visit NoBroker.in to get verified information