Keep These Things in Mind When Selling Your House


There are so many things we need to think about in our daily lives. It can be anything from planning a vacation to moving home. Selling your house can be a risky business if you don’t know what you’re doing. If anything goes wrong at any point in the process, there could be lasting implications – including financial ones.

If you are currently thinking of selling your house, read on because this article will let you know what you need to keep in mind.

You Can Sell Quickly If You Need To

There are times when homeowners are looking for a quick sale, in which case the usual process may not get things done soon enough. This situation might occur because:

  • it’s an unwanted house
  • there are problems with neighbors and noise
  • you’re relocating for work
  • you have debts mounting up
  • there are divorce proceedings
  • you have other time constraints

Some companies buy houses for cash, and they can do so without you having to go through an agent or list the property on websites like Craigslist. You can get a fair cash offer for your home and sell within a week, and even choose the closing date. Things like repairs and cleaning, foreclosure, inheritance, probate, taxes, or bills don’t need to create an obstacle.

You Can Use Agents Or Sell It On Your Own

The traditional sales route involves real estate agents who act to represent the seller. They are trained on how to get houses sold quickly (so they can receive their commission) which might not always be desirable for the seller themselves. Agents are more experienced in sales than the average homeowner and they have access to better technology (e.g. CRM software, virtual tours, and marketing tools). They generally know the local area and the best price to expect for your property. They can oversee the marketing, paperwork, and legal aspects on your behalf. 

If you don’t want to use an agent you could market the property yourself. This will save you money but there may be additional risks involved. Some people post poor-quality photos of their homes on websites like Zillow, which could deter buyers from viewing. If something goes wrong with negotiations between the buyer and seller, an agent should be asked to step in and resolve the problem.

Get Your House In Order

Home inspections are a must to get an accurate assessment of what it will cost for repairs. These should be done before you sell because no one will want to buy a home that needs expensive repair work – or they may offer a lower price. Having everything fully operational (e.g. white goods, appliances, HVAC or AC units, plumbing, wiring, etc.) can help prevent delays with the sale. 

The more cluttered your house looks, the less appealing it is going to be for potential buyers. It’s important to have all your junk and personal belongings out of sight before any showings begin. This will make the rooms look larger and make it easier for visitors to picture themselves living there. Whilst you shouldn’t repaint the entire house it would be advisable to cover over scuffs, marks, and scratches to improve your home’s appearance. Also, tidy your backyard and remove unwanted clutter there too.

Prepare For Viewings

It’s a great idea to display some freshly cut flowers or light some scented candles so the whole place smells nice. You should also make sure there are no dirty dishes in the sink or laundry waiting to be done. 

Don’t forget to put the pets away and take any pictures of children off the walls. Potential buyers will prefer an empty home without other people present (other than yourself or the agent) as they could be a distraction.                                                     

Sell At The Right Time

Keep in mind what is happening on the market during your current season. If you are trying to sell your home around Christmas time, for instance, you will find it very difficult. Nobody wants to move during Christmas as this is one of the most popular times to be at home with family and friends. If you are trying to sell your house around Christmas, consider putting it on the market a month or two beforehand. This should give enough time for potential buyers to look at your home and make an offer without feeling rushed to get everything sorted.

Another season that can be particularly hard when selling homes is summertime. This is because many people go away for their vacations, so they don’t want to move. It’s best if your sale goes through when everyone is around, so they can promptly deal with all correspondence and documentation. If you try to sell during an unpopular season, you may either have no interest or end up having to settle for a lower sale price. 

Stay On Top Of Your Paperwork

There will be lots of this from various parties, so you need to respond quickly and have all the necessary documentation to hand. This could include:

  • records related to previous renovations
  • mortgage information
  • contact Information
  • insurance documents 
  • any agreements or contracts pertaining to the sale

It may be advisable to involve the services of a lawyer at this time. They can help you with the paperwork throughout the process and give you advice about what to do next. They could also be invaluable at the negotiation stage.

Know Your Property Value

As we said earlier, your realtor should be able to help you determine the price of your property based on other homes in your area. A home inspector could also give you an idea of the realistic price range for your house.

There’s plenty to think about in this article, but there are fortunately professionals who can help you from start to finish. It will be worth all the effort, money, and upheaval in selling your house if you get a good sale price. You will also be able to focus on getting a dream home for the next chapter of your life.