Keeping Your Pets Safe + Happy This Holiday Season


Holiday traditions are one of the things that make the season so fun. Everyone has a different way of celebrating with their friends and family. Some people even include their pets – what’s cuter than your puppy dressed up in holiday gear, ready for reindeer games? Truth be told, there isn’t much better than that.

Our pets become family members we love just as much as our (ok, if not more than) human family members. Their fuzzy, furry faces become familiar and friendly. Why wouldn’t we want to celebrate with our pets? If your furry family members are part of your celebratory season, here are some pays you can keep them safe, happy, and healthy throughout.


Plan in Advance

Not everyone knows what’s healthy for the fur-folk living in your home. Keeping that in mind, make sure to plan ahead by writing out a few important phone numbers down. Or at least, keep a handful of them handy just in case! Be sure to list:

  • Your vet’s phone number and name
  • 24/7 emergency vet clinic’s phone number
  • ASPCA Poison Control hotline at 1-888-426-4435
  • A list of edible and non-edible foods and items hazardous to pets

Most pet parents know what plants can be harmful to their fur babies, however with guests coming in to visit from all over — maybe not everyone knows what’s OK to feed the pets. This handy guide to pet-safe food will help you eliminate the hazards from your home.

Host a Howliday party

What’s better than one festive puppy? More than one! There’s no better way to introduce holiday cheer into the season than inviting over some friends and their fur babies as well. With dog costumes available in all sizes, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have a picture where all the puppies are dressed up in some holiday garb.

Puppy and purr-inducing presents

Speaking of holiday garb, pet manufacturers of all sorts create holiday toys and treats that are sure to delight both you and your pets. From catnip cigars to dog-friendly candy canes, there’s a treat for everyone.

Take photos with Santa

This is a fun tradition many families think has to be reserved for a time when they’ve got children with them. Alas, this is just not true. Did you know that at national retailers like PetSmart and Petco photos with Santa are free? Now that you know, find a Saturday soon (read: this weekend!) and bring you and your pets to get a photo with Saint Nick.

Go for a lights drive

What do dogs love? Riding in the car! Taking a lights drive is an easy way to spend quality holiday time with both your dog and your significant other or family. There’s sure to be a local listing of some of the best holiday lights shows around. Check your local news then gather up the gang and pile into the car.

How are you celebrating the holiday season with your pets?