Key Things to Know Before Installing a Sliding Barn Door


Doors can completely change the way your home looks and feels. Installing barn doors throughout your property is a great way to add a homely feel and impress any visitors.

Before you felt started on your barn door installation, there are some key things that you need to think about first, especially if it’s a DIY job.


Firstly, you need to consider whether or not you’re just following the trends. Do you truly want permanent barn doors installed throughout your home?

Barn doors look beautiful in any house but they require work and restructuring to install properly. If you like to regularly switch up your doorways, barn doors may not be the best. 

To install barn door hardware, you will need to drill several new holes, so if you decide to switch back to traditional hinged doors in the future, you will have a lot of work on your hands!


Barn doors don’t use as much space as swinging doors. However, they do need room to slide along their tracks. Before buying your barn doors, you need to first check whether or not you have the wall space on one side of the doorway for the door to slide into.

You need one side of the wall space to be just as wide as the door so that you can fully slide it to the side when you open your door. There should be no light switches, windows, or vents in the area.


You must have high-quality hardware to successfully install a barn door. It needs to be durable yet aesthetic and stylish. Finding the right hardware components for your door may take more time and cost more money, but it’s worth getting the perfect hardware that complements the rest of your home. Having hardware also may require some more storage space in your yard, you can check if you plan to build high quality and durable storage shed.


The pre-existing structure matters. Without the right architectural support, your barn door will not hold up. Before installing your door, check whether or not the surrounding structures and frames can support it.

Barn doors can be heavier than standard hinged doors. For this reason, you need to consider the structural support you’re going to use. Wall studs and a wall-mount are an absolute must to keep your barn door in place.


Whatever style you love, there is a barn door out there for you. Everything from bright white to light oak to dark wood. Think about what style you’d like in your home. What suits your current aesthetic?

You will also need to choose a handle or latch attachment. This is essential so you can open and close the door easily.

If your door leads to the bathroom, you will probably want a more secure latch that can be locked with a strike plate.

Installing a barn door into your home is a large and complex commitment, but it’s definitely worth it. Barn doors can add a unique spin to your home while providing function and style.