Kitchen Confidential – 5 Kitchen Must Haves to Make Cooking a Breeze


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Food truly is one of life’s great joys. While we all enjoy eating out, few things compare to the simple pleasure of creating wonderful meals at home and enjoying them with family and friends. The downside is that those meals don’t just make themselves. With life getting busier and busier, many people are simply too time poor to prepare spectacular culinary experiences. To try to make things a bit easier and quicker, here are a few great ideas:

Who Wares it Best?

It might seem like a no-brainer, but top quality cookware is a must for any kitchen. It is always a mystery to me why so many people compromise on the most important tools of the trade. Sure, you might think you are saving a few bucks by buying cheap pots and pans. The reality is that poor quality cookware doesn’t last and ends up costing you more in the long run to constantly replace. This is to say nothing of the frustration and waste of food that burns and sticks to the surfaces. You are far better served investing in better standard cookware from the outset.

Looking Sharp

It is a perennial problem and every cook’s nightmare: Favourite knife in hand; you grab the tomato and…that sinking feeling as the blade stubbornly refuses to break through the skin. My blood pressure just went up thinking about it. Having a good set of knives and ensuring that they stay sharp is absolutely essential to making your life easier in the kitchen. So much of our time is spent wielding a blade that you really are doing yourself a huge favour by making sure that your tools are the sharpest in the shed and that you are using the right knife for each job.

Mixing With The Right Crowd

Despite some enduring controversy, for the serious cook, there are few if any things that can make as positive a contribution to your life as a Thermomix. Is it a cult? Maybe? Is it incredibly expensive? Definitely. Will it change your life? Unquestionably! While there has been some negative press about safety, only a minuscule proportion (about 0.03%) of users have experienced problems. I have 3 Thermos that are in constant use and have never had an issue. You are in far greater danger from your annoying, Kool-Aid drinking “friend” who keeps inviting you out for coffee to nag you to buy one. Without doubt, the Thermomix is the most versatile, ingenious appliance that I have ever come across. If you can afford the cold-sweat inducing price-tag, you will never look back.

That Sinking Feeling

I don’t know about you, but the sink – or more accurately, access to it – was an enormous point of contention in our family. That was until I replaced my single bowl sink with a double. No longer do I or my husband have to stand around waiting for the sink to be free, or to simply rinse our hands off while the other does their thing. We can stack dirty plates on one side, leaving the other free for rinsing vegetables, cleaning meats or whatever is required. It’s made a significant difference to our kitchen efficiency, and we would recommend it to anyone.  

A Warm Welcome

The reality of modern family life is that it is not always possible to sit and eat all together every night. Younger kids may need earlier mealtimes than parents or older siblings. This one has soccer practice, that one has tuba lessons, and the other is starving and wants to eat now. Rather than spend time heating and reheating, or cooking in shifts, a warming drawer may be the perfect solution. It can keep food warm for hours without overcooking, so you only need to prepare the meal once.  

Any other ideas? We’d love to hear them!