What to Know Before You Pack Your Luggage to Fly


Flying can be stressful. The schedule can be crazy and can change in an instance. There are so many rules and laws for flying. Preparing before you go is a must. A little preparation can go along way to having a smooth travel experience.

To check or not to check

Deciding whether to check luggage or carry it on can be a real struggle. Carrying your luggage with you is always the best idea, but isn’t always possible.

Things to carry on, if possible




Cell phone


Diaper bag


Things that need to be checked

Large musical instruments

Large pieces of luggage


Sporting equipment


If you have valuables, like laptops, cell phones, and jewelry it is best to carry them with you. In the event that it is not possible, do your best to secure them. For electronics, pack them with extra padding. An easy way to protect them is to pack your laptop between your clothing. It never hurts to put your contact info on your valuables. You can put a piece of tape on each item with your name, phone number, and address, so if the item is lost the finder can reach you. Sometimes luggage is lost. Maybe your luggage got on the wrong flight. It happens. There are trackers that you can attach to your luggage to help you locate your bags. These trackers use apps to help you locate the lost luggage.

Can you fly with cannabis or CBD oil?

Yes you can…sort of. While cannabis is legal in some states, it is illegal on a federal level. Currently, you can’t fly with it even though you purchased it legally. CBD oil on the other hand, is ok if it falls within the approved amount 3.4oz or smaller and ratio. You have to read the label on the oils and check the ratios of CBD and THC because some products, like gummies or gums, can be mostly CBD, but may contain to much THC which is a no no. Companies like, Every Day Optimal CBD carry many forms of CBD like gummies, gums, capsules, and oils and in many sizes. Be sure to check with your airline, TSA, and your local and federal government for update to date laws on the use of the different types of products and sizes and ratios allowed.

Medical Equipment: carry or check

Sometimes flying with your medical equipment is a must. Here is a list of equipment that can be carried or needs to checked.

Crutches- carried or checked

Canes- carried or checked

Blood sugar test equipment- carried or checked

Contacts- carried or checked

Contact lense solution- carried (if the correct amount) or checked

EpiPens- carried or checked

Tampons- carried or checked

Visit TSA for current laws and guidelines.

Being prepared is the best thing you can do before you fly. Check the local and federal laws and guidelines to see what you can travel with. A little preparation can save you from a huge nightmare.