Labor day during COVID-19


Labor day it is all about gathering with our loved ones and bonding with fun games, parties, and a barbeque, but unfortunately, this year is different. COVID-19 outbreak changed our life completely, because of the dangerous spread and consequences of the virus, many people died and it is spread around the world.

For us to stay healthy, there are made restrictions like social distancing, canceled events, disinfecting, and many more precautions for every day. Labor day would be the same as well. So here we give you some ideas on how to have fun and be safe and celebrate this amazing day.

Have a small backyard barbeque party

This is an amazing way to spend Labor day, with your closest friends and family. In this situation, make this party small, casual, and keep a social distancing. You can grill outdoor, have a cold beer, but also remind your guest to stay six feet apart from each other. Furthermore, you can also set small fireworks to mark this amazing summer holiday.

Take a trip to the beach, lake or a river

If you live in an area where is a beach, river, or lake, you can gather up with your friend or family and take a trip. Make sure you wear your masks and keep your distance. Wear your masks while riding in your car or a bus, and while you are walking on the beach. Pick a spot on the beach or the area where you want to put your stuff, like chairs, umbrellas, towels, and pack a lot of sanitizers and wipes. If you follow these safety precautions, you can have a great holiday experience.

Have a picnic

A trip to the mountains or close parks can be amazing entertainment as well. Just gather with your closest people, make a small snack or brunch for the picnic, grab some drinks, and enjoy the day in nature. Bring your wireless speakers and put on some music or listen to the sound of nature. Gaze at the stars at night and light beautiful fireworks. But don’t forget to wear masks, keep your distance and bring sanitizers. Appreciate the moment you have with your friends and family on this amazing day.

Virtual gathering

They are a lot of applications such as Zoom, Google Meet that allow us to stay in contact these days. They allow us to video call with many people at once. You can gather all of your family or friends from all around the world, play board games, talk, and have a drink in front of your laptop or smartphones and mark this day. There are a lot of games that you can play online, on the website or you can download them on your device. From pop quizzes to MMORPG games, you can find everything on the net. The most important thing is to spend time with your family and friends, rest, and enjoy this day.

Have a virtual movie night

Movie night with family and friends is an amazing time to spend on this day, in fact, it can be every time when you are free. If you and your friends have a Netflix account, just download the Netflix party extension on google chrome and connect. You can watch the same movie at the same time and chat on the Netflix website. If you want to do a video chat, you can use additional apps or websites like Zoom or Houseparty.

Whatever you do, do it cautiously

We all know its difficult times but that doesn’t mean that we cannot have fun and enjoy it. We can plan for parties not only on holidays but on any other day. The most important is to plan carefully and to be safe.