Land Development Expert Damon Becnel Shares 6 Scholarships Students Interested In Real Estate Development Should Consider


If you are interested in real estate development, you may wonder how to pay for school. Luckily, several scholarships are available specifically for students in this field. In this article, land development expert Damon Becnel discusses six scholarships students should consider. So if you are looking for financial assistance to pursue your dreams in real estate development, look no further than these generous scholarships.

ACI Foundation Fellowship Program

The ACI Foundation Fellowship Program is a unique opportunity for students pursuing studies related to the concrete industry. As an applicant, you will be mentored by experts and receive educational stipends that cover tuition expenses as well as residence amenities like books or materials (plus room & board). 

In addition, there’s recognition in Concrete International magazine with travel reimbursement for the Spring Convention. All awardees are asked to submit a report at the end of their fellowship that explains the value they received from the fellowship and how it helped them choose their career. This is a fantastic opportunity for those looking to get their foot in the door of the concrete industry and learn from the best of the best.

NPCA Foundation Scholarship 

The NPCA Foundation Scholarship is available to students pursuing a career in the building, construction, or precast concrete industry. The NPCA Foundation has been working to educate builders and designers about the benefits of precast concrete products for over two decades. 

These scholarships help provide students with an opportunity they might not otherwise have, which is why we call it “a changing force in engineering education. This award is based on both financial need and academic achievement. It is a great way to get your education started if you are interested in a career related to concrete and construction.

AIA San Diego Scholarship

The AIA San Diego Scholarship is another opportunity that successful land developer Damon Becnel believes can help you achieve your dream of becoming an architect. To be eligible, all that is required from you are good academic standing and a minimum 3.0 GPA per quarter in architecture programs at NewSchool Of Architecture And Design (NSAD). 

You will also need continuous enrollment throughout graduate school with this organization- something many students struggle to do. Each year, the recipient should expect consideration for employment as a research assistant working under the Center For Healthy Environments, which helps oversee activities at the Research Consortium. This award is valued at a total of $40,000.

Christopher N. Coppola Scholarship

This scholarship is a way to help students who are planning on becoming professionals in the real estate industry. Applicants must have at least one Palm Beach County high school diploma or GED and be involved with community service projects such as football clinics and tutoring sessions for other students; they also need financial assistance from any scholarships available that can cover their costs of tuition/living expenses while studying architecture.

Compassionate parent figure Christoper Napili Cola established the Christopher N Coppola Scholarship–to provide opportunities beyond traditional education, leading to success after graduation. This scholarship will help with the ever-increasing higher education costs and is renewable for up to four years.

Richard H. Crosser Memorial Scholarship

Richard Crosser established the Richard H. Crosser Memorial Scholarship to help students planning a career in the building/construction trades industry. Any interested students must plan to enroll full-time at a two or four-year accredited college or university in Indiana and must demonstrate a strong work ethic. 

They must also provide an essay about their personal and educational goals, including their current thoughts about their career and future. This scholarship is unique because it helps with your education and requires that you give back to the community. Giving back is a great way to get your foot in the door of the industry you are interested in.

Warren and Louise Moss Memorial Fund

This scholarship is for students pursuing a degree in architecture, engineering, business, or industrial engineering. Students should be planning to attend an accredited four-year institution. Students planning to attend a two-year professional degree are also eligible to apply. Applicants must demonstrate financial need and have a minimum 2.5-grade point average. This is a one-time award.

Their family created the Warren and Louise Moss Memorial Fund to help students achieve their dreams and goals. The couple strongly believed in the value of education and wanted to make sure that others had the same opportunities they did, which is why this scholarship is a great way to help pay for college.


These scholarships are great opportunities for students interested in real estate development. Each one has different requirements, but they all have the same goal: to help you succeed. They are all worth looking into if you are planning on pursuing a career in this field and need some financial assistance. Real estate development is a field that is constantly growing and changing, so these scholarships can help you stay ahead of the curve.