Latest Carpet Trends to Make Your Home Fabulous

throw pillow on bed frame

Uber-chic, comfy with sumptuous feel underfoot, Carpets offer a flooring foundation for your living space. Although wooden flooring seems to be everywhere, Carpets have made a huge, stylish comeback. When renovating your room, try considering your floor as the fifth wall, which makes laying down a carpet a fabulous way of bringing in colour and pattern into your room. Here are some incredible carpet ideas which can make your home a fabulous haven of comfort and style.

  1. Keep it Natural:
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Back-to-nature trend is back in style! Think of using natural material such as wool, jute and sisal to create warm, earthy tones for a mindful and restful living space. Keep everything neutral and make sure to add natural accessories like potted plants and grass for a luxurious boho-chic appeal, and set in colour trend that reminds you of the outdoors, such as terracotta furnishing or trendy rustic tones. You can go with a light grey carpet for a natural yet contemporary appeal

  1. Bold and Bright:
white short coated dog lying on red and white floral area rug

Bold tones and expressive style is the latest trend to make its mark in the coming years. Before going with bold styles, make sure to take time and consider your space so that you can create your own stamp on the whole style, all the while ensuring that you create a lovable, fun space to lounge on. Go for a colourful carpet paired with bright furniture or lively painted walls for an overall joyful look. 

  1. Pattern Play:
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Patterned Carpets allows you to express and explore your personality through your abode. Patterned carpets help in disguising natural wear and tear and soiling hence it is quite popular option with hotels and restaurants. If you want to stretch the dimensions of a room, try stripes as they draw the eye in the directions of the stripes. Pattern Overdose is likely to occur if there are many themes striving for dominance. To avoid this, just follow the general rule- “If the patterns are related by color, texture or style, the resulting mix is more likely to succeed.” It’s quite safer if you restrict yourself to one furnishing pattern per room.

  1. Geometrics:
assorted-color textile roll lot

Geometrics have been exceptionally popular this year for other interior designing aspects such as cushions, rugs, etc and this look is sure to prevail in carpets in the coming year as well. You can get bolder in choice when experimenting with geometrics and choose for bright hues and chic geometric patterns. Visit Carpets Delivered UK for more fun styles and buy carpets online

  1. Bold Floral Patterns:
brown wooden table with white and brown floral table cloth

Floral patterns are one of the oldest carpet patterns, also referred as traditional pattern. You can also go for wallpapers with floral pattern to add certain symmetry to your room. To create a refreshing look for your room, try using floral patterns in red, blue or orange. Most floral patterns are one-of-a-kind, which means you can’t find the same pattern anywhere easily.

  1. Maximalist Style:
sun lounger in room with plant

Maximalist style is all about breaking the rules by letting your creativity run wild! You can create a maximalist style for your home by going with mismatching colour combinations and clashing patterns. Bright coloured walls combined with patterned carpets and expressive art works is a best way to create a maximalist style for your home.