Learn The Significance of These Tools in Your Everyday Life

Laptop on a work table with DIY and construction tools all around top view hobby and crafts concept

Whether it is your first apartment or your first house, there are certain tools that you need to make the house your own. Your first trip after getting your keys should be a trip to the tool shops or hardware stores in your area. Below is a primary list of the essential tools that you might need.

  • Tool Chest – Try and keep your tools all in one place and purchasing an inexpensive tool chest that can be expanded over the years is the perfect place to start. By purchasing a tool chest, you won’t be searching all over the house looking for that hammer or screwdriver and wasting valuable time. You’ll know where it is.
  • Screwdriver Set – This tool is often sold in the most used screwdrivers from slotted to Philip’s head. Most sets also include a stubby screwdriver for those short, tight spaces.
  • Tape Measure- Eye balling a picture or guessing whether a piece of furniture will fit in a space is often a lesson in “It should fit,” but it doesn’t. It can measure walls and flooring so that you get the correct measurement. You’ll also learn that a 2×4 piece of wood is actually smaller.
  • Hammer- A basic claw hammer that will handle most jobs is a 16 ounce smooth hammer. This hammer is very versatile from hanging a picture to assembling a piece of furniture. The claw end of the hammer is great for pulling out nails from woodwork.
  • Level- You think that you have a good eye for putting objects even and level, you probably don’t. This is where this tool comes in handy at making pictures and shelving actually level or if you need something to prop up an end of a piece of furniture.
  • Utility knife- When you talk about a handy tool, nothing beats a utility knife. It opens moving boxes; scores paint from stuck windows and even cuts the ends off of new carpets. You will never believe that you haven’t had one before. Your tool chest is now almost full of your new tools.
  • Putty knife – This useful knife comes in handy for spreading glue, paint and putty.
  • Pliers- This tool holds objects firmly in place. It is useful in bending metal. It can also hold nails in place while you hammer so that you don’t pinch your fingers.
  • Crescent wrench or adjustable wrench – There is a screw built into the head of this wrench. Turning the screw adjusts the size of the opening. It fits almost horizontal hex screw that you might use. The adjustable wrench is the tool that you need for tightening hoses on appliances.
  • Hand saw – This basic hand tool is done with your hand power by pulling and pushing back. It is great for cutting wooden or concrete blocks into pieces.
  • Duct tape – This one tool is great for all types of repairs that you can’t get to right down or if you need to hire a professional.

As your projects grow and your skills allow, you can purchase more tools. You might want to add some power tools such as a drill or an electric saw. Extension cords, unless you purchase battery operated tools, are a must. Another essential is a strong adhesive that can stick to wood and plastic without too much trouble.

So, after signing the deed to your new home, stop by the nearest tool shops in Brisbane and start purchasing your tools.