Learning on Your Own Vs Seeking Guidance from a Driving Instructor


For most people, driving is fun and exciting while for others, it may be a compulsion – a responsibility that needs to be fulfilled anyhow. In either case, learning to drive is a necessity in this modern world.

It’s easy and inexpensive to learning to drive on your own, but the risk factor attached to this approach cannot be overlooked. A car has multiple controls to take into consideration and the struggle gets real when the vehicle you choose has manual transmission system. For any beginner, it would be a bit difficult to anticipate to what extent the car will turn, brake and accelerate upon steering the wheel and pressing the pedals respectively. This is where proper judgment is required, which comes from proper guidance.

Here are a few pointers to why you should rely on a professional driving instructor rather than learning on your own.

Holistic Approach

Right from adjusting mirrors and wearing seatbelt through to releasing the handbrake and putting car in motion, there are several such things that are taught by a driving instructor but are often skipped when you become your own guide. Starting from basics to attaining the pro level, a professional driving instructor should help you every step of the way. The instructor pays attention to every detail and aims to give you the confidence you need to come out as a better driver.


Professional driving instructors have vehicles with dual control, which means if you lose control on your side, the instructor sitting beside should take over. Plus, their vehicles are fully insured. Any damage to their vehicle won’t affect your pocket or your professional relationship with the instructor. They will understand that you have just started to learn and such mistakes can be expected of you.


When you learn to drive on your own, you choose any street or road without realising how uncertain the traffic could be. This way, you will be running a risk of meeting with an accident before you even have a driving license. And you know that could put you in some serious trouble. A professional instructor offers driving lessons that are all-inclusive. You will get adaptive driving lessons, which means the difficulty level will increase gradually. Everything will be taught to you in a systematic manner –changing to and from fast lanes through to driving on country roads to advanced skills including overtaking and driving up a hill.

Value for Money

When you are learning on your own, you do not have to pay anything to anyone. This might save you money but at the same time, you are missing out on key points that would help you pass the driving test with flying colours. Thus, choosing an instructor can save you hassles and money by letting you through the driving test in the first attempt.


When it comes to convenience, learning on one’s own is seemingly the best choice, because you can easily pick your car from the garage and hit the road in no time. But on the flip side, you are running a risk of damaging your vehicle. This means your vehicle is going to sit at the mechanic’s for a day or two and this will affect your learning routine. This should not be the case when you seek help from a professional driving instructor.


Now that you know the benefits and downsides of getting on board with a driving school in Campbelltown or anywhere else, it’s up to you to take the final call.