Less known facts about Nikola Tesla


Nikola Tesla is “the father of the electricity”, innovator, scientist, an impeccable brain without whom existence the world nowadays would not be the same. He was born on 10th of July 1856 in Smilyan. At that time his homwtown was located in the Austro-Hungarian Empire which is in the territory of Croatia nowadays. However his origins are Serbian and even was given an American citizenship later in his life.


Tesla is basicly believed to be the innitiator of the Second Industrial Revolution. All his inventions are of crucial importance for the development of the modern world. And even besides that, his name is barely to be seen on the list of the most influencing people in the history of the world. He is one of the tallents that has been underestimated even though he has been a genious of the caliber of Leonardo da Vinci.

Tesla has been an excentric all his life. He would avoid the fat people with the excuse that they are not responsable, even calling them undisciplined.

One of the things he disliked about the women are the pearls they would put on as a jewellery. He would avpid any lady with such a detail.


It has been enough for him to sleep as little as two hours daily. He would spend all his time to do researches, investigate something or even create something new and useful.

He has been born at a time of a storm, lightening and thunders. The doctors have said that such an ocasion is a bad luck in general. However, his mother had a strong belief that exactly this is a good sign, and so it was. “He is going to be the sun of the light” she has said.

Nikola Tesla has been obsessed with the number three. He would do three circles around the building he used to live in, before entering home.

He has had an enormous tallent when the languages are in question. He has spoken fluently Serbian, Croatian, Czech, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian and Latin language.


He has even invented a machine for earthquakes. It was a metter of luck that he did not destroyed his own laboratory in Manhattan.

Tesla has had a photographic memmory. He would remmember whole books and has even had a whole list of inventions yet to be promoted.

When Einstein was asked how does it feel to be the smartest person in the entire Universe, he replied: “I have no idea. Ask Nikola Tesla instead.”

Even though he has given a lot to the humanity, he has always been a modest person with no interest in money nor wealth. The fact that he died alone and poor in a hotel room in New York speaks volumes about his dedication, hard work and focus only on his job.

Tesla has been just one more of the innumerous scientist that did not get married during his lifetime. He spent all his time and effort on experiments, researches and inventions.