Less known facts about the novel “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley


“Frankenstein” is considered as a master-piece of the classic literature. Its story is about a mad scientist that manages to, somehow, bring the dead people back to life. Its message is that everyone should think twice when he starts believing in the tale that God is in everything. But how was this story born? Keep reading and learn some less known facts you might didn’t know about this novel.

Shelley has been a teenager when she started writing the story of the novel

Mary Shelley seems to have had turbulent years during her infancy. At the age of sixteen she escaped from home and left with the writer Percy Shelley. Untill her eighteen she have alerady had two kids. In 1816 she has visited the Lord Byrons in Switzerland and it is exactly in his manson where she has started writing this extraordinary play. The book has been published only two years later, in 1818 when she has been only twenty years old.

The book “Frankenstein” have won an award at a intern competition of anonymous tales

The eruption of Tambora in Indonesia has provoked a climate changes even in Switzerland. Mary, Percy, Byron and the doctor John Polidory have been stuck at the mansion for several days due to bad weather conditions. Byron has suggested for everyone to write down a short horror story without writing his own name, so later they can choose the best one. Well, it’s been Mary who won the award for the best story with “Frankenstein”. Polidory had written a story called “The vampire” that later inspired Bram Stocker to write the master-piece “Dracula”.


Shelley has had a dream with the story of “Frankenstein”

Firstly she had no idea about writing anything but later she connected the story with the plot of a recent dream. It was about a student that combines and builds a body that later connects it to a machine and the same functions as alive. “What scared the hell out of me shall scare the hell out of the others” – she tought and started writing the novel that very day.

This book was preceded by a tragedy

Before she even started writing the ovel, Mary gave a birth to a baby girl who barely survived but six weeks. Moreover, her sister commited suicide. Mary later gave birth to as much as four kids out of which only one have managed to reach older age. In one of her notes Mary claims to have seen her kids getting back to life, but once she would wake up she would realize it has all been just a dream.

Frankenstein is the scientist, not the monster

Even though the public tend to call him and mistake him with the monster, Frankenstein is the scientist in the story. His complete name is Victor Frankenstein. Actually the monster in the book is called by the words “the creature”, “the deamon” and “it”.


It was believed that it has been her husband the one who wrote the book

Firstly this novel was published anonymously. It was dedicated to William Godwin, Mary’s father. The introduction was written by Percy Shelly. Later, even when the book has been published with Mary’s name, the people kept on believing that she was not the one who have written the book.