Lessons we don’t learn at school but are crucial for the life


Today’s way of teaching in school in almost all the countries is based on memorizing and learning by heart. However, the life is more than just knowing how to recognize the right answer out of three options. There are lessons nowhere to be learned but on the street and by the experiences we get to have in our life. But this is not teachers’ foult. The responsibility goes to the educational system. There is a lack of will to become open minded and change the already existing system and routine.

There are some basic yet difficult to learn lessons that should be debated at school:

  1. Time management

One of the biggest difficulties both the young and the elder people face is the lack of free time. Or to be more precise, the lack of time to finish everything they want to accomplish. The failure is always a cause of procrastination and laziness. The lack of intelligence could be the case but not as often as the bad time management. Therefore it is more than important for the people to learn how to deal with the tasks and their time available. Even though it sounds even silly, this is something that should be taken more seriously. Even studied as a whole science. The most common mistake the people make is starting multiple activities at the same time. That’s why they later get short of time to finish them all. Eventually they leave everything undone. A fair reason for such a mistake is the procrastination. They leave everything for the very last moment and get confused how to finish  it at the end. However, if we teach the children how to manage their own time on time, they will avoid such problems. They have to know what are the priorities and how much time available do they have in order to cope up with the things they have to finish.


2. Cooking and housekeeping

The people nowadays cook less and less. They tend to buy semi-prepared food instead. The microwave becomes their best friend when the cooking is in question. This distroys the nutrition system. The modern parents nowadays have no time to teach their children how to cook. This leads to rasing up childrens that have no idea how to look after themselves. On the other hand the cooking is something useful and economic. This way you eat better and save money at the same time.


3. Keeping the mental health

A lot of people in the era of now suffer from stress. The everyday situations make them nervous, impatient and turn them into overthinkers. However, prepring the children for the difficulties and challinges they might face later on is a quite good way of prevention. They should be learned how to look on the brighter side of the things that happen. They should know how to face problems with positivity in order to find solutions. A positive mind is a base for a positive life. If they learn how to react in such situations properely, they even save their health as well.