Let’s Catch Fish from a Boat Properly


Fishing is not just a wonderful type of outdoor activity, it is a useful and enjoyable hobby to which many men are willing to give all their time. It is hard to imagine a more pleasant holiday from the bustle and noise of the city than fishing from a boat. And how many delicious dishes can be prepared from the rich catch! And what an indescribable excitement you can experience, attacking a fishing spot!

Fishing from a boat: how to fish properly?

Fishing only then can give the fisherman true pleasure, if he does not encounter any irritating factors. The right boat will give you control over the body of water so that neither carp, bream nor pikeperch will get away from you. But fishing from a boat requires careful preparation of all the stuff, including even waterproof bags for boats. In the process of preparation you need to consider all the key factors:

  • On what particular body of water you are going to fish;
  • Size of a boat;
  • How deep you’re going to fish;
  • How familiar you are with the body of water.

And you should also become acquainted in detail with the main catching methods of fishing in order to choose the one that best suits your individual conditions and the features of your equipment.

When to fish from a boat?

While fishing bream and other fish from a boat is a real pleasure for the fisherman, one should not indulge in this hobby by ignoring the prohibitions in force at the legislative level. Also note that in different years, the timing of the start of the fishing season from a boat varies. This may be due to the migration of fish, as well as with weather conditions. 

When fishing from the boat you should know that big fish preferably live in places with steep banks, or where streams flow into the river. Of course, the place must necessarily be quiet. Fishing in places where there are shipping lanes is an absolute waste of time. As for hunting for specific species of fish, then you need to know the basic rules.

  • Catching pikeperch from a boat. Pikeperch loves deep places, so the boat should be put over the holes or not far from them and throw the bobber to the very bottom. As a tackle, it is preferable to use jig spinnings, as it will be easier than working with conventional long rods.
  • Fishing bream from a boat. The bream is a cautious fish. In the fall, bream are found near channel slopes, trying to stay at a depth of about 10 meters. Those places, where the bottom consists of only silt, bream not to their taste, remember that when choosing a place. Many fishermen use nodding tackle (spring and composite) when fishing bream on board rods. If you want to catch large specimens, use bait without pop-up elements.
  • Perch fishing. Perch is a predatory bottom fish, quite voracious, but it feeds only during the day. The best catch, according to experienced fishermen, is observed in April and May, immediately after spawning. If you are not lucky with snags and aquatic vegetation near the shoreline, move down to 6 m, but again, in shaded areas. In the morning, on a warm calm day, the bait should be excellent.

The last tip that all fishermen should follow is to follow the safety rules when fishing from a boat. Be sure to have a life jacket, do not fish in the shipping lanes, do not set landmarks in dangerous places (chasms, precipices, whirlpools), do not go out on a boat during storms and squally winds.