List of Pictures to Take on Wedding Day


That glorious day is to come soon. So, your schedule is too busy with all plans and things to do. But haven’t you forgotten to make your list of pictures to take on wedding day? We hope no.  However, don’t think that we want you to be crazy about controlling every step of your wedding and to have all the plans and schedules in your pocket. Thus, be positive! We’re not going to make such a nerd of you! Yet, we only hope to prevent you from regretting years after the wedding that you didn’t think through the list of wedding pictures to take.  

Stay fleeting moment, you’re amazing!

Do you remember the Christmas that was 2 years ago? Perhaps, you don’t. Otherwise, if you look at photos taken that time, you’ll remember the happy feelings of the holiday. The same stuff with your wedding day. Similarly, don’t let this day fade in years! No-no, it’s better to shot as many funny and memorable moments as possible.  Apart from the must-have wedding photos ask your photographer to snap some hilarious scenes. It’s always exciting to look at the photo you even did not think to be on.

Smart list of pictures to take on wedding day

Hence, we’ve listed some common ideas for you to look through. Use this list of wedding pictures to take to make your own exceptional wedding album.

  1. Wedding details and accessories
  2. Bouquet
  3. Invitations
  4. Putting on make up
  5. Hair style
  6. Admire the dress
  7. All set
  8. Bride and bridesmaids
  9. At the ceremony
  10. Vows
  11. First Kiss
  12. Bride and Groom
  13. With family
  14. Crazy photos with friends
  15. Dear pets
  16. Ceremony venue
  17. In the car
  18. Hands together
  19. Arriving at the wedding party
  20. Place cards
  21. Table decorations
  22. Someone saying a wish
  23. First dance
  24. Party
  25. Cake cutting
  26. Dishes, glasses, wine
  27. Last Dance
  28. Saying Goodbye
  29. Photos in the Sunset
  30. First Night Venue

Professional against DIY wedding shots

Generally speaking, this is eternal battle. And there is no correct answer, whether you hire a pro or DIY. Sometimes real couple pictures look great, sometimes it’s a total failure. All in all, it’s relative issue.  Usually, each of these alternatives has its pros and cons. So, let’s find them out.

Pros and cons of professional shooting

So, these are the advantages:

  • You don’t need to think, to brainstorm about wedding pose, actually. Say what you want and just do it.
  • You can look through the portfolio. Each photographer has its own style, so you can be sure that’s the best for you.
  • You won’t need to edit your photos. It requires certain skills and software, so think twice if you want to do this. Just get ready pictures and be happy.
  • No need to get photo lessons, unless you’re a big fan of it. Moreover, you don’t have to rent a lot of equipment for DIY shoot.

But, there’s always a “but”:

  • Price. Of course, it won’t be two penny. But consider – buy cheap, buy twice.
  • Not enough creative. It happens that photographers just have a list of wedding pictures to take and they don’t go beyond it.

Pros and cons of DIY shot

    • Advantage. Here the first place is for price. In this case it’s low. Still, if you want your photos look professional, you will need to rent a proper camera.
    • Disadvantage. You’re not sure about the result. If you hire an amateur, be ready to surprises in the end of your wedding day.
    • Advantage. Do whatever you want. Be crazy and creative. You’re not keen on classical photo with the same postures everywhere? Hence, this is the chance to boost your creativity.

Yet, there is no a perfect wedding. Some plans and schedules might fluctuate, but be flexible and enjoy yourself. Therefore, save those splendid moments in your pictures.