Little Known Locksmith Services


When you think about calling a locksmith near you, what do you think about calling them for? Many of us consider getting key duplication or updating our residential door locks. But, the locksmiths here at John Smith & Son Locksmith – Baltimore, MD can do a lot more than that! There are lots of little-known locksmith services available from our team that can help you to keep your home as secure as possible. Here’s a quick look at some of the lesser known, less often used services that we have available.

Rekeying Your Locks for Maximum Security

If you’ve just moved into a home, or you own a property that you rent out, you may be a little concerned about old tenants or homeowners having keys to your place. Thankfully, our residential Locksmith Baltimore, MD has some solid answers that can help you out. Instead of replacing all of the locks (which we’re able to do as well), you can get re-keying services to take care of the issue. We can re-key locks throughout your home, and then give you the new keys to your house. Then, even if someone has an older key for the home, it will no longer be usable or compatible with your locks.


Your Locksmith Baltimore, MD Can Update Your Security Systems

When you think about working with our commercial locksmith services, you likely only think about locks and keys – most people don’t even consider that we can offer other security options as well. At John Smith & Son Locksmith – Baltimore, MD, we understand that technology is always changing, and we’ve made a commitment to try and adapt to the technology that we may come across. As a result, we actually offer security systems as a part of what we do. We work with regional and national chains in order to offer a wide array of options, allowing you to choose which is best for your purposes. We can install them; along with your security lock system, so that you can have the best security possible.

A Locksmith Baltimore, MD Can Remove Broken Keys

Keys are not going to last forever – even if they are made out of the most durable material possible, they will eventually warp and wear down. You may even get into a situation where your key breaks! What are you supposed to do then? You need to be sure to call in your automotive locksmith to take care of it for you – we offer broken key extraction services. As your emergency Locksmith Baltimore, MD, we do everything possible to prevent damage to your door, ignition, or other lock when removing your key. And, if damage has already occurred, we can take a look and replace or repair hardware if you need us to do so.

Adding Extra Security to Your Windows

Sure, your Locksmith Baltimore, MD is going to be the person to talk to about window locks, but did you know that we also offer other options to help your windows be as secure as possible? We offer various types of window gates as a product to our customers. These gates can be bars that go up the entire height of the window, or they can be something a little more flattering. We have a number of gates that look similar to fence gates, with adornments and such, and they only cover part of the window. The intent is that they are tall enough that a person would be unable to fit through, even if they opened or broke the window itself. These styles of gates often have points on the top, which can also be quite a deterrent for would-be home invaders.

Having a local locksmith that you can trust is important, and those of us at John Smith & Son Locksmith – Baltimore, MD have committed ourselves to helping consumers with all of their lock, key, and security needs. No matter how big or small the issue is, or what sort of assistance you’re looking for with your security system, our team is trained to assist you with everything that may come up with your security. Contact us today and see how we can help you to take care of all of the services listed here, among others.