How-to Live It Up with Big Events (On Any Budget)


It’s frustrating knowing you won’t be able to attend one of your favorite bands, see the great spectacle of a game, amazing festivals, or other events that are rolling through close to town due to financial or time constraints.

How many times have you promised yourself you’d go to a yearly event but missed out?

These things happen.

It’s not the end of the World but in that split second you do feel a little bummed that you’re missing out. It doesn’t help much when friends and/or family are posting up pictures and videos of the event you happened to have missed.

It doesn’t always have to be this way.

With the right amount of planning (in advanced) you can finally mark that coveted event off your bucket list if you’re willing to make a few, small sacrifices.

These few sacrifices can help you get big buys such as the UEFA champions league tickets 2017 or something smaller within your area that may have felt out of financial range.

Let’s look how you could make this happen…

How to Never (Again) Miss Out on an Event

The key to not missing out on an event is a combination of planning and resources.

You could be dead broke or be reeling in the money to make things happen if you’re willing to place the adventure front and center. Where there’s a will – there’s a way.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should skip out on your everyday responsibilities – you should use a combination of commitment and smart thinking to make the event possible:

  • Agencies – Planning a big trip can get expensive if you’re not accustomed to using online services to monitor and find the best prices traveling around the country or abroad. A travel agency cuts through the heavy lifting to help secure great flights, lodging, and score tickets to the event of your choice for a nominal fee.
  • Prioritize – You likely know the financial investment needed to go to an event you’ve been planning over the years. It will be a small sacrifice but prioritizing the event can really help in terms of keeping yourself motivated throughout the saving process. A few extra bucks each week in a side fund can build up hundreds of dollars – this will certainly get you to the event.
  • Networking – Don’t be afraid to ask others if they’re willing to help during the travel whether it’s to hitch a ride or drop in for a meal. You’ve made those connections – tap into them because they’d probably love to have you coming through!
  • Apps – Apps can make all the difference in comfort and savings with event hopping. Citymapper, a mix of mobile gaming to stay entertained, weather reports, translations, and travel assistant apps save time and frustration getting to the event.

The biggest tip?


You’re using an incredible tool (the internet) already so put it to good use to find great fares for flights, cheap hotels, lower-priced tickets, and other much-needed items to make it all happen.


We all need a break sometimes.

Some will scoff when you spend a good amount for a major event but what’s the purpose of working so hard if you’re not going to enjoy your life? Forget those people.

When you’re careful with your money and use it toward things you truly care about (in this sense it may be a big event) then why does it matter? You’re an adult and no one else should give you grief about your personal, financial responsibilities if you’re doing so in a logical, smart manner.

Treat yourself.

Be a top dreamer and enjoy the things which bring you happiness. You won’t always have the chance.