Living Essentials for any room


Your living room is the hub of the house, the meeting and greeting room, the relaxing room and the entertaining room.  All of these aspects make your living room the very core of what your home represents to you and to others. Of course you want it to look charming and welcoming with comfy sofas, coffee and side tables, perhaps a rug or two and your favourite chair – not too hard, not too soft, just right (thank you Goldilocks)!  And unless you have a home large enough to have a number of living rooms, both formal and informal, this room also has to be multi-functional, lending itself to both private relaxation and a space for friends and family to enjoy as well.  


One of the key elements of an inviting living room is the ambience.  This is such an important element, even in the daylight hours. Some quality window dressings that can allow the sunlight in or protect against extreme heat and too-bright light can make all the difference to both the light and the temperature.  For darker days and evenings, think about dimmable lighting for overheads and wall sconces – this gives you immediate control over the amount of light in the room and helps avoid the harshness of a brightly lit room – not ideal for creating an intimate atmosphere.  Lamps are also wonderful for creating a beautiful space, not only for the shape and design, but by where they are placed and what they reveal when lit. The soft glow from a lamp can cast beautiful shadows and highlight a piece of furniture or art and at the same time draw attention away from a dark corner in the room.  

Another brilliant way to create ambience in your living room is to include a little aromatherapy to set the mood; calm and relaxing, fresh and inviting, soft and intimate – there are aromatherapy oils for all purposes.  It is so pleasant when you walk into a room where there are essential oils gently permeating the air. Our senses are immediately alert to the soft undertones of the oils, emitting an almost subliminal message from the person who has chosen that particular scent and what they hope we will experience in that space.  The very fact that we cannot see the fragrance means our perception is working at a deeper level, processing the effect of perfume. We can talk, see and hear and touch everything in the room while still noticing the fragrance. It adds another dimension to a room for people to enjoy along with the decor. Try experimenting in your living room with some aromatherapy and see for yourself some of the exquisite Essential Oil Diffusers that are available.  They come in all colours and sizes and to match any decor, no matter your personal style.  There are bright fresh icy colours and warm, rustic wooden as well as striking glass diffusers sure to impress.  And if you have trouble deciding on just one, don’t forget, there are all the other rooms in your home to consider!