Living Large in a Small Space: Turning Your Old Shed Into Your Own Tiny Home


It might be time to think big with your shed ideas and turn a traditional storage option into a place that you can call home.

There are plenty of inspirational stories that show how people have managed to create an amazing living space out of a building that might be small in dimension compared to a house, but offers plenty of opportunities to get creative.

Here is a look at how some have transformed their shed into a tiny home. There is an overview of why this is an idea that works, plus some examples of what you could do to create a tiny home to be proud of.

Is it really possible?

When you first look at even a reasonably large shed it might be hard for some of you to have any idea of how this wooden structure could be transformed into a homely residence.

The answer to anyone who wants to know if you can really build a tiny house out of a shed is an emphatic “yes”.

There are a number of perfectly feasible reasons why you might want to turn your shed into a functional living space. The most obvious answer is that starting out with a pre-existing structure is a big help and will instantly make it potentially quicker and easier to create something habitable.

You might need a temporary structure while you are working on another building project or it could be that you simply want a budget-friendly option to put a roof over your head.

The start of something bigger

Some savvy shed owners have started off with the existing structure as a starting point and then added to it in order to create something larger as their plans have progressed and as soon as their budget has allowed them to.

You will need to be fairly competent at DIY to be able to take on a task like this on your own and you might also want to find more info on the sort of tools you might need to be able to carry out some of the alterations.

It is amazing to see how a simple 12 x 12 shed can become a tiny home and by the time you add a porch, fit a back door and even add a mezzanine floor inside, you might wonder why you hadn’t thought of doing something like this before.

Modular design plans

You will obviously have to check local building permits to see how far you can go with your plans to create a highly affordable and cozy home from a shed structure, but if you can expand your plans it does create loads of possibilities for adding to your living space.

If you start off with something like a 16 x 16 storage shed as your initial structure to convert, you could then consider adding another building at a later date with could be integrated like a modular design.

For example, if you want to add another bedroom, you could put another shed on the side and instantly create a bigger living space for a lot less cost than if you had to move home or build a brick extension.

Callum Thorpe is a builder who is fascinated by the tiny house movement. He is in the process of creating a tiny house for his teenage son so that he has accommodation when it’s time for University.