Living with Arthritis: 6 Interior Design Tweaks to Make to Your Home


Arthritis is a debilitating health condition that can impact a person’s flexibility and mobility. As a result, it can make everyday tasks and objects a challenge, such as taking a shower, opening a door, or even climbing stairs. Not only can this cause a person much discomfort, but it can also be incredibly frustrating.

Rather than suffering in your own home, you should make the appropriate alterations to improve your daily life. Here are six interior design tweaks to make to your home if you are living with this painful condition.

  • A Walk-In Bathroom Solution

Arthritis can affect different people in different ways. While some people might suffer from a lack of dexterity in their fingers, others might be struggling with stiff knees. Regardless of your complaint, arthritis can make showering or bathing a challenge. If you want to simplify your bathtime routine, visit Mobility Plus to find the best bathroom solutions for your needs, such as a walk-in shower or bath.

  • Reorganize Your Kitchen

The kitchen is probably one of the most used rooms in your home, as it’s where you will cook, clean, and perform many household chores. It’s important, therefore, to reorganize the space to make it more arthritis-friendly. For example, you should store your most frequently used items in easy to reach places, and you should store heavy pots and pans on the stovetop to avoid lifting. They are simple changes to make that will not negatively impact your kitchen’s interior design.

  • Install a Single Lever Faucet

Ease the strain on both your wrist and fingers by installing a single lever faucet, as they are simple to turn or nudge. Also, ensure you test the facet before you make a purchase, so you are confident it’s wide enough to hold and simple to turn on or off. It’s a small interior design alteration that can improve your kitchen design and quality of life.

  • Free Your Home from Clutter

Every person living with arthritis will want to avoid bending down, which can trigger their muscle stiffness or aching joints. Make your life easier by freeing clutter from your home. You will not need to endure aches and pains to declutter your space, and you can easily move through every room without having to step over loose items.

  • Choose the Right Door Handles

Some people living with arthritis can suffer much pain in their hands, so turning doorknobs can be incredibly uncomfortable. If you currently have round knobs across your property, it might be a smart decision to replace them with a lever style handle instead. Not only will they be easier to grip, but they are also just as attractive, if not more so.

  • Swap Your Lighting Switches

If you experience trouble turn traditional toggle light switches on or off, it might be easier if you swap them for rocker style switches, which are often much easier to use. You could also replace a dial dimmer switch for a slide dimmer.