Dementia affects millions of people around the globe. While the patient does undoubtedly suffer from this ailment, the family members of the patient also have to go through a significant amount of pain and difficulty in seeing a loved one slowly deteriorates.

However, there are ways one can manage life while still living with this ailment. If one follows their doctor’s orders, keeps a healthy lifestyle, and keeps themselves engaged, one can prolong the full effects of this disease and maintain their quality of life at the relatively same level.


More of a syndrome than an ailment, Dementia is a group of related symptoms that mainly affect the brain which in effect has an impact on the cognitive and motor abilities of a person. Some of the problems one experiences with Dementia include memory loss, speed, and quality of comprehension, reduction in speed and efficiency of expression, both physical and verbal, language, judgment, mood, movement, and an overall difficulty in carrying out routine activities.

There are many different causes of dementia including genetics and environmental factors and it presents itself in many different forms including Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia. These two types make up for the vast majority of cases and people suffering from these conditions become quite apathetic in their expressions and are largely uninterested in their surroundings. Due to this, patients with dementia also tend to have issues when it comes to expressing or controlling emotions.


As we mentioned above, Dementia can have a profound and adverse effect on a person’s life, and also on their family. However, despite being diagnosed with such a serious condition, you need to remember that it is not anywhere close to a death sentence. Dementia affects people differently and with varying aggression and speed. You may have trouble with memory and cognition, but that does not mean you have lost your personality and you can focus on the things that you enjoy and you should probably do more of it now.

Society has become more understanding as well. There are even companies that manufacture different devices that help people with Dementia better manage their lives. You can even buy dementia clocks that help patients manage their time and days, reducing their confusion and disorientation in the process. A memory clock helps you stay focused and keeps you engaged as well.


While Dementia might cause you to lose interest in socializing, you should still try to stay social. A book club can be a great idea as it’s not a very stressful atmosphere and it will keep your mind sharp because you’ll be reading and discussing what you’ve read, exercising your cognition and memory in the process.

In fact, you’ll find many communities that are Dementia-friendly and will cater to the needs of those suffering from it. You can also join support groups for those suffering from the disease, either directly or indirectly as a family member.


You need to keep your mind engaged as much as possible. Buy a puzzle book and solve different puzzles and mazes in your free time. Sudoku is a great way to relieve stress and keep your mind engaged. You can also find a lot of online games and mobile applications that can help Dementia on tablets and smartphones.