Loft wet room interior design ideas


If you have already decided to make a loft conversion for your roof space, it is better to think about appropriate designs that will best suit your needs and taste. When it comes to loft interior designs, you had better choose an option where you will feel more comfortable, as the space is often limited. As far as the loft wet room space is concerned, today you have a lot of choice when you pick up a suitable design. After all the wet room is not only the place  where you take a shower but also the place where you need to feel relaxed and comfortable in the best possible way.

In this article we will offer you some fresh ideas by which you can make an easier choice when you start with the renovations in your roof space. There is no need to make this place very sophisticated, just remember to make it look cosy and welcoming one. In fact there is no minimum or maximum size for your wet room, you need to take into account the appearance of the whole living place. The greatest part is that the wet room can be installed in any home and it is particularly suitable for your roof place, where the space is often limited.

Here are some creative ideas for your loft wet room, among which you will probably find the best choice for you:

The mysterious grey wet room

This design represents a style that could be considered industrial but very functional one.  A good advantage is that it is really low maintenance and that   natural light can pass through, thanks to the window situated right above the shower. The shower, on its part has big shower head which makes this design very attractive, despite its simplicity. Despite the grey walls, this design attracts with its vastness.

The corner wet room

The corner wet room represents a style that is simplified and the one that can fit even in the most uncomfortable loft. It does not take a lot of space and this style is by all means far from the sophisticated ones. It will serve ideally your needs.

The en suite wet room

This modern style is a preferred option for many HomeMates lofts because it turns out to be a more space saving and comfortable option. The interesting moment here is that it includes shower curtain, which especially here is a suitable decision, because in this small wet room it will stop the water from splashing the toilet rolls.

The family wet room


If you want to make a family loft wet room this design tends to be exactly what you need for loft. It is decorated with natural toned colours and with accessories in similar tones. The radiators that are slim line are the ideal option to save up space in your loft.



The spirit of Morocco

If you long for more different loft wet room, we are introducing you a Moroccan style wet room that will be ideal contribution for your loft place. If you want something sophisticated, this is definitely the right solution for you. The blue and white tiles give the sense of something non traditional and fresh style of this facility. This style is also really inexpensive decorating option.

The shower behind the sink

If you are still hesitating about the style of the wet room why not thinking about a style where the shower is put behind the sink panel, leaving you more space for the rest of the wet room. This style will give you the sense that you are taking your bath in a more spacious place than usual and that is why it is also called open plan wet room.

These are some of the styles that you may take into account when you are decorating your loft place. Nowadays you have many options, depending on the price and on the simplicity of the wet room, however choose the one, where you will feel most comfortable. After all the wet room will be the place where you will take a shower after your busy working day, so do not underestimate the significance of this place.