Where to Look When You’re Out of Design Ideas


Everyone hits a wall every now and again when it comes to design; although a blank canvas can sometimes fill us with excitement and be a chance for us to express creativity, sometimes it will feel as though all your good ideas have been used up and you need some new inspiration. Luckily, we live in a world full of design inspiration, and in today’s post, we’ll list just a few to get you started and your creative juices flowing again.

Get on Pinterest

As I’m sure you’re already aware, Pinterest is the new version of glossy interior magazines gone by, allowing you to build your own boards around moods, themes, colours and so on. It’s a home-interior-lover’s dream, and you’ll find it bursting with tonnes of ideas, from how to make jam jar lighting, to creating a mini paradise no matter how small your outside space.


Visit show homes

These can be a great source of inspiration for re-working your home. If you’ve lived with a certain layout for a long time, it can be difficult to reimagine it, but show homes are often styled by professionals specifically to get the most out of every single room, in terms of light, space and matching the colours to the environment. Why not take a look at ones in your area, and see if those plans you have to remodel your kitchen will really work or not?

Look at what you have…differently

Sometimes ideas can come from simply looking at your furniture in a different way. If you have some old, tired drawer units or an armchair and you’re looking to buy a new one, why not ask yourself what it is about the one you have that you don’t like instead? If it’s simply the colour, can you re-upholster it or sand it down to be repainted? This simple act can often completely transform a room once you’ve added that statement piece.


Don’t forget to ask for help

A large part of design is all about sharing ideas and coming up with new takes on what other people do, so why not consider asking a couple of experts in your local area? If it’s for your own personal space, take a trip down to an interior designer’s studio and talk through ideas. You can get a lot of initial consultations for free, and that might be enough to get your thoughts racing.

However, if you’re styling your home to sell it, there’s no better place to go than an estate agent. For example, Linley & Simpson are a York Estate Agents who have a wide breadth of experience spanning almost 20 years in the Yorkshire area. Agents of this calibre will be able to give you more practical advice on what buyers look for and how to improve your home.

What did you think of these top tips for design ideas? If you have any of your own, don’t forget to share them in the comments section below.