Looking for Organic Professional Hair Care? This Brand is Everything You Dreamed of


The haircare and beauty industry is overcrowded with brands and various products that make it hard to find the best possible choice. That is why we did the work for you and found a brand that has all you may need in your hair care routine. T-LAB Professional is an organic and natural professional haircare brand that is vegan, cruelty-free, formulated without parabens, sulfates, and other harsh chemicals offering products for all kinds of hair types and concerns. Let’s take a closer look at what else this brand has to offer. 

Organic Care Collection 

This collection is offering 8 different hair care lines that satisfy different hair types, needs, and concerns. All products in this collection are formulated with Unique Natural Complex and Therapeutic Inclusive Blend based on certified organic ingredients to serve unique multicultural hair needs. 

  • Blond Ambition line featuring ultra-violet pigment is designed to neutralize unwanted yellow tones in blonde, bleached, or highlighted hair, providing a cool-neutral result and soothe a sensitive scalp.
  • Organic Shape line is designed to shape, soften, detangle frizzy, curly, and unmanageable hair. 
  • Coco Therapy line ensures complete hair reconstruction and scalp relief. It fills damaged areas of the hair from the inside, replenishes oils lost due to chemical processes, and helps to maintain the natural pH of the scalp.
  • Total Protect line with SPF15 serves a therapeutic anti-bacterial function, designed to protect hair and scalp against oxidative stress, heat, seawater, UVA/UVB rays, and artificial blue light.

Innovative Styling Collection 

T-LAB Professional Innovative Styling Collection was created by top stylists and technicians from five different countries and is suitable for everyday use by both women and men. Innovative Styling Collection has a range of styling products such as hair mousse, hair sprays, antistatic spray, hair shine spray, dry shampoo, hair perfume, volume spray, and other hair shaping and hold products. Products vary in levels of hold, ways of application, and preference of finish.  All styling products within the collection are up to 99% natural, vegan, gender-neutral, cruelty-free, kids & pregnancy-friendly and so much more. 

Absolute Wash & Absolute Cream Collections 

T-LAB Professional Absolute Wash is designed as a 5-in-1 beauty product: shower gel for the body, wash for the hands, shampoo for the hair, cleanser, and even make-up remover for the face skin. Absolute Cream is designed as a 3-in-1 beauty product: cream for the body, cream for the hands, and cream for the face. These body care collections are based on Purified Underground Water, Energizing Gems, and Unique Natural Complex, a symphony of exclusive active ingredients as Organic Flower Extracts, Organic Nutritional Oils, and Precious Mineral Powders. Collections vary according to your skin and hair type and needs as well as your personal preferences of ingredients and aromas. 

T-LAB Professional natural and organic haircare brand have so much more to offer, special holiday deals, coloring collection, complimentary branded accessories so make sure to visit their website and find the best hair care products for you. It is a great hair care option delivering professional salon results while at the same time offering natural composition and eco-friendly solutions.