Love and care for your mattress


Life is not a bed of roses however a decent and comfortable bed can make life so much more fulfilling.  The bed is a metaphysical piece of furniture.

Early men perhaps used leaves and barks for lying onto. Later the use of leather or animal skin came into existence. The modern day mattress dates back to the 15th century. With time, several different types of mattresses came into existence.  Memory foam, gel, pillow tops, inner spring (the one with coils inside) is a few to name. Also there is a new trend of using water beds or air beds. They provide excellent support to back sleepers. A chamber filled with water or air is padded with foam or upholstery here.

In every home approximately one third of a person’s life is spent on the bed and no, it is not only for falling asleep. Many of us love to watch Netflix while binging on our favorite snacks, or play with our pet on the bed or just get really comfortable and move our whole work station on the mattress! Basically a lot about life happens on the bed and to keep all those activities unhinged it is recommended that you use a mattress cover. Coffee spills, unwanted stains, pet damages or baby stains can ruin your mattress forever. Hence when customers were faced with all these difficulties the innovation and usefulness of a protective cover came into existence.

Now you may ask why a protective cover? Are the sheets not enough? Of course, it is your choice whether you would like to put an extra cover or not. However the protective cover just as the name suggests “protects” your costly mattress from a whole lot of problems. Let us have a look at all the advantages:

Preventing Allergies

If you think you are allergic then it’s a good idea to put dust-mite-proof covers on pillows, comforters, mattresses, and box springs.If your family members struggle with allergies, you will definitely want to get a mattress protector. The cover prevents contact with dust mites, bed bugs and various other allergens with the mattress itself. If these allergens end up on the cover, the cover can be removed and washed. Of course, getting rid of allergens from the mattress is more difficult. You will have a healthier, better sleep experience overall with the mattress protector.

Preventing unwanted stains

We all have faced this situation at least some time or the other, be it a drink or baby stains or any other visible marks that you do not want anyone to notice. A protector can reduce this chance by a big margin and it is always easier to take out the cover and put it in the washing machine and voila! Also, prolonged stains on mattresses can lead to disguised mold growth from all the liquid it had soaked in. Once that happens there is no way to overcome it but to dispose of the mattress. And the best way to prevent mattress disposal is to care for your mattress when there is time.

Protection against microscopic bugs

Bed bugs have undergone a dramatic, worldwide metamorphosis since they have now evolved resistance to common insecticides. They are one of the great adapters of the world and are readily transported via luggage, clothing, bedding, and furniture. If they find a way to intrude into your sleeping sheets they can be a nasty lot to get rid of! Rashes, skin problems, marks of bug bites can be difficult to get rid of. A mattress can be easily infested by bedbugs and they can harrow deep into it. However a protective covers can be a preventive measure for this. Washing the cover and drying it out in the sun can ensure a mite-free sleep.

So, now you are all set to get some love and care for your mattress. While choosing a cover here are a few things that might come in handy:

  • Choose a cover that does not make a rustling noise nor has a plastic under-sheet. Nobody wants to sleep on a plastic-y feeling garbage bag. The perfect cover should have a liquid-proof film with a soft cotton-y lining to prevent the protector sheet from making additional crunchy noise when you or your partner or your pooches moves around  the bed.
  • Sometimes the covers in their attempt to water proof use materials that in turn raise the temperature of the body. Be careful to choose the cover which keeps your body cool.
  • Cover should be of the exact size of the mattress. The corners have elastic tapes that enable you to put the mattress corners nicely in place.
  • Most importantly, the cover should be just like the surface of the mattress so that it does not feel like an extra thing at all. Smooth, luxe fabric top is what you should be looking for.

A few tips on how to clean your protective cover.

  • The covers are made of polyester-blend cover with a polyurethane liquid-proof film. Hence simple machine wash with cold water will suffice. No tumble drying. Just get it out in the sun for best results or do a tumble dry or line dry with no heat.
  • The protectors are ready to be used and they come like that from the factories. However it is up to your discretion whether you would like to wash them before using or not.

One of the popular mattress protector company is TN mattress protector. Tuft & Needle was founded in 2012 by two software engineers from Silicon Valley who were fed up with the discrepancies in the mattress industry. JT Marino and Daehee Park are the two co-founders of this company. Their bitter personal experiences while purchasing and using mattresses left them utterly dissatisfied. And so they started their new venture keeping in mind their own grievances and expactations. That is what makes their products unique and their services very customer friendly. Their work ethics involve getting the best and giving the best. All of their products are aimed to provide value for money to customers. The products are uniquely designed and are homogeneous to the United States of America.