Lovely DIY Wedding Photo Backdrops That Will Amaze You


It’s the wedding season and I bet that you have attended at least two weddings for the past two months. Couple prefer to get married during the summer since the weather is hot and there are less rains and storms. If you are organizing your wedding, you will benefit from this article because here I’m going to inspire you with some splendid photo booths that will leave you speechless. Scroll down and see the Lovely DIY Wedding Photo Backdrops That Will Amaze You. Every detail for the wedding should be planned carefully, and the photo booth is a thing that takes time. Finding the perfect backdrop for your wedding is of utmost importance since it reveals a lot of your personalities and style. Wandering the internet in search of the perfect wedding photo backdrop design can be difficult, so here I have collected only the best ideas. Check them out and see whether you will find the idea that will suit you the best and get down to work to recreate it!

Balloons are a part from every party, and the wedding should not be an exception. They can make the ambiance more playful with ease, so if you wish to have a more fun and interesting look, this is the craft that you should make for sure.

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Books can look great when combined with flowers, and you can use both of them to create a stunning photo booth.

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Have you ever considered using the huge frames for your wedding day. Hang several of them, so there are enough frames for your guests too. It’s certainly a unique idea.

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Have fun with paper and ribbons and make this cute wedding photo backdrop design. It’s a cheap DIY project that is pretty easy to make.

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In case you want to personalize your photo booth, then the chalkboard design is just the right one for you since you can write anything you want.

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A couch, some garlands and your favorite quote can contribute towards making some amazing wedding photos. Give this idea a try.

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The heart-shaped designs are a must for a wedding, so you could consider your wedding photo backdrop to be shaped like this.

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Use your creativity and design the photo booth according to your personal style. Pay lots of attention on it because most of your wedding photos are going to have it.

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A chester sofa and fresh flowers make a stunning combo that nobody can’t resist. With a backdrop like the one below, all of the wedding photos are going to be fantastic.

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Are you hooked on Instagram? Show your passion for this social network on your wedding day and recreate the well-known photo frame .

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Take some pieces of your furniture in the garden, decorate with some sheer curtains and you got yourselves a magnificent wedding backdrop.

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Which DIY wedding photo backdrop are you going to choose for the big day? Let me know in the comments below!