Lovely Pineapple Crafts You Will Love To Make


If you love eating pineapple, then you know how delicious it is. A pineapple is one of those fruits that we eat during the summer time to refresh ourselves. And also you must admit that pineapple decorations can look pretty good too. So, how about you make some for your home? Sound great, right? And for that purpose, today we are bringing to you a collection of several Lovely Pineapple Crafts that you can make this summer.

These crafts are super easy to be done and they won’t cost you much. Get some plain items and paint them with the colors of the pineapples. Some such items can be trays, pots, coasters etc. Also, you can try to make some pineapple shape wall art decoration. Wreaths are also common decorations for your home, so you may make some pineapple inspired one. And if you take a real pineapple you can use it as part of a table decoration. Do this by cutting the top and removing the inside of the pineapple. Fill it with flowers and you have the perfect pineapple flower centerpiece. Scroll down now to see the pineapple crafts that we have chosen for you today and choose which one of them you will try to make. Follow the links under the photos to get to the full tutorials. Enjoy!

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Pineapple Crafts – DIY Pineapple Cutting Board

diy pineapple cutting board
Full tutorial:

DIY Pineapple Wood Sign

Full tutorial:

DIY Pineapple Pinata

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DIY Pineapple Pumpkin

Full tutorial:

DIY Pineapple Air Plant Holder

pineapple airplant holder
Full tutorial:

DIY Pineapple Painted Pot

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DIY Geometric Pineapple Clock

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Yellow and green are the colors of pineapple but you shouldn’t only stick to this colors. Of you have some pineapple decorations, such as jewelry dish or some bookends you can repaint them to fit in with the rest of your home decor. For instance, you can spray paint some faux pineapple bookends with gold paint and make them look more eye-catching.

DIY Pineapple Bookends

diy pineppale bookends
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DIY Pineapple Washi Tape Print

Full tutorial:

DIY Pineapple Wreath

Full tutorial:

DIY Mint And Gold Pineapple Bowl

Full tutorial:

DIY Pineapple Mold Art

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DIY Pineapple Champagne Bottle

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DIY Pineapple Flower Centerpiece

pineapple centerpiece
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So, which one from the above pineapple crafts would you try to do? Tell us in the comments and also let us know if you have any other idea of making some pineapple inspired decoration for your home. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many DIY projects that you can do in your free time.