Low Cost DIY Spiral Gardens You Can Do In No Time


The lovely weather makes you spend more time in the outdoors. So, that is why we are constantly updating many new versatile ideas to get you inspired of how to decorate the outdoor space. Today, we have chosen several Low Cost DIY Spiral Gardens that can serve as a great addition to your backyard.

Spiral gardens can be done in no time and can be set anywhere you want in your backyard. You can use versatile materials to create one such garden, such as stones, rocks, bricks and even gabion. There are no specific rules of how big should be the spiral garden. This is will mainly depend on the space available, but since the spiral can go upwards, this type of gardens can be quite space-saving.

Spiral gardens are a nature inspired vertical garden design, being highly productive and energy efficient. This type of gardens give you the chance to stack plants in a pyramid to maximize the space. This garden can be your perfect place for planting your favorite culinary herbs, but also you can plant some flowers over there. Scroll down now to see the versatile DIY spiral gardens that we have chosen for you today and try to make some of them. Enjoy!

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Low Cost DIY Spiral Gardens

spiral garden
Photo via: ohmy-creative.com
Photo via: balconygardenweb.com
Photo via: balconygardenweb.com
stone garden
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brick spiral garden
Photo via: mamabee.com
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Photo via: freshdesignpedia.com

Making a spiral garden won’t cost you much because the materials used can be found in nature for free. And the natural look of stones, rocks, tree stumps and even bricks look perfect in combo with greenery. So, if you have a chance to make some spiral garden, do not hesitate to do it as soon as possible. It will serve as a wonderful addition to your outdoor area.

Photo via: freshdesignpedia.com
Photo via: freshdesignpedia.com
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herb spiral
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Photo via: adesignideas.com
Photo via: adesignideas.com
brick garden
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diy spiral gardens
Photo via: alleideen.com

Spiral gardens can become an instant focal point and they can be quite efficient for growing healthy herbs. You can use many versatile materials to make them and the above ideas are just some of the many possible. Tell us in the comments which one from the above ideas did you like the best. And of course, don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other ideas for your garden decor.