Main Benefits to Buying Memory Cards in Bulk


What is a Memory Card

A memory card is a small card which is capable of storing information such as data and media files. With our ever increasing use and need for online storage, we now store many different items on our pieces of technology such as our laptops, camcorders and phones, it is therefore easy to run out of space and the memory card can increase the capacity of our device quite substantially, allowing us to store more information. Memory cards are easy to use as they simply fit into the available slot on the device. Memory cards can be used for single use purposes then stored or they can be kept in the device and used over as you would with any of the storage on the device. We used to talk in terms of Megabytes (MB) but now memory cards are available with different amounts of Gigabytes (GB). Your storage needs and planned use for your memory card will determine the size of card that you will need to buy.


You can purchase your memory cards as single unit or as a bulk purchase, it can often pay to buy your cards in bulk.

What are the main benefits of buying your memory cards in bulk?

Bulk Memory Cards states bulk buying saves more than just money but time and energy as well. If you are a photographer for example or someone who uses a lot of storage regularly or you may use memory cards for your business purposes,it is often an idea to consider buying your memory cards in bulk, this has a number of advantages:

  • It allows you to make potential savings. A supplier is very likely to reduce their price per item if they are going to receive a large order. It still means a good profit for them and an injection of cash into their business and it means that they can move stock quickly through their business. If the supplier has a number of customers who buy in bulk, it means that they are able to negotiate better terms with their suppliers and pass a discounted rate on to you, the customer.
  • It allows you to save on postage costs. Sometimes if you order over a certain amount, the postage is free. To have a single item shipped can often be as expensive, if not more so, than to have multiple items shipped.
  • It means that you will always have spare memory cards at hand. Storage is so important now and there is nothing worse than finding out that you have run out of storage at the worst possible moment. You may be in the middle of an important task or you may be on holiday taking some wonderful photographs and you discover that your device cannot store any more pictures. You then have the dilemma of what to delete, you may choose to try to store elsewhere or you may have to go to the bother of finding a shop to purchase another card. Either option is not very appealing, so having several spares is never a bad idea.
  • If one card fails, then you have a choice of others. Like anything else, it is possible for a card to have a fault. We have spares of many other items, why not memory cards.
  • It allows you to use your card for single use purposes. Memory cards are increasingly competitively priced, especially if you buy in bulk and professionals such as photographers will commonly use multiple cards. Using multiple cards allows you to order, theme and store them, providing a structure for your storage and allowing you to access different aspects easily. It is particularly helpful for photographs as they can be stored in date order, location order or themed according to type. It allows a library to be created.
  • You can purchase, very cheaply, storage cases for your memory cards. Some of the storage cases allow storage for a number of memory cards. There are a number of options available and cases are available also for individual cards. Many of the good cases are very robust and some are waterproof too.
  • Buying cards in bulk means that you will have plenty of cards to use as backup storage. You can never guarantee that your device will always continue to work, technology can be prone to crashing and sometimes it is helpful to be able to have separate backup storage. This can be particularly helpful for offices or for industrial applications as often large projects are being negotiated and worked on. A computer glitch or problem not only means down time but could be considerable costly for the company or organisation concerned as work which has taken weeks or months to complete may be lost. Using the memory cards as a backup storage solution could be a worthwhile and good idea.
  • Memory cards are so lightweight and portable that they can go anywhere with you. You can use the same memory card on different devices assuming that the devices accept the same size cards.

There are lots of uses for memory cards and they are a very versatile storage option. It is always a good idea to choose a reputable brand as a good make of card is obviously going to be a much more reliable option and for important storage items, you need that piece of mind. If you choose a reputable supplier, you will find that they will only stock the reliable makes. If you  are unsure as to what size card to purchase, your supplier will be on hand to help and could help you with the best size storage options for your purpose.

Before purchasing your memory cards, check out the reviews of your supplier to be reassured and if you are planning to buy in bulk regularly, it may be worth trying to establish a relationship with a supplier as there may be the potential of further discounts or offers down the line as they begin to recognize you as a regular and valued customer.