The Major Reasons Why Millions Visit LA Every Year


There are cities, there are big cities, and then there are megacities. Los Angeles, California definitely fits in the “megacity” category. Not only is the city itself massive, it sits within the largest metropolitan region in the United States determined by land area. Simply put, one could spend three lifetimes trying to experience all which LA and the surrounding area has to offer, and probably still have things left undone and unseen.

It’s no surprise, then, that millions of tourists flock to Los Angeles every year in search of the city’s many sources of adventure and excitement. To create a complete list of things for visitors to see and do in LA would overload our servers, so instead let’s take a step back and examine the major reasons the region gets so many tourists – apart from the year-round amazing weather. It’s just easy to book a LAX shuttle to take you to your preferred destination, so list down the best places you want to visit in LA. Readers can then look into each one on their own to find all there is do in association with it:


The most iconic and familiar part of the LA region, as far as outsiders are concerned, is undoubtedly Hollywood. What started out as a sleepy farming community at the turn of the 20th century quickly became the capital of the budding motion picture industry, a de facto status the city maintains to this day. As such, Hollywood has become synonymous with glitz, glamor, fame, and fortune, providing plenty of allure to outsiders.


Next door to Hollywood is West Hollywood, which is home to many places most people mistakenly associate with her easterly neighbor, like the Sunset Strip. According to Visit West Hollywood, it’s also the best place in the city to book a hotel, as it features many beautiful and one-of-kind options within walking distance of the area’s most iconic landmarks. However, to many visitors, it’s the shopping options of West Hollywood which draws them to its many glittering avenues. The aforementioned Sunset Strip along with Santa Monica Boulevard and the Design District offers countless shops and boutiques.


Due to its status as the Entertainment Capital of the World, it’s a given that LA offers lots in the way of popular culture. However, there’s more to the region’s cultural impact than blockbuster movies, chart-topping singles, and syndicated television series. West Hollywood, for example, is considered by many to be a beacon of LGBT culture and acceptance. The region also features countless world-class museums, magnificent concert venues, and renowned architecture, which many people may recognize from scenes in their favorite films.


Name your favorite genre and chances are good many of its leading bands and individual musicians got their start in LA. In fact, the city can arguably lay claim to being the origin of an entire musical genre – gangsta rap – the influence of which remains heard on the radio waves to this day. The can be said for rock ‘n’ roll, which for its day was just as revolutionary and controversial as rap has been in recent decades. The result is dozens of musical shrines throughout the city, whether it’s the hole-in-the-wall where Motley Crue got its start, to the childhood home of Eazy-E.


Name your preferred sport and LA not only has a team, they probably have two. College football fans look to UCLA and USC, while those who enjoy pro ball can watch either the Chargers or the Rams play on Sunday. The Lakers and Clippers always draw crowds and the same can be said of the Dodgers and Angels. LA also hosts a professional hockey team – the Kings – as well as a major league soccer team – the Galaxy – with another one, Los Angeles FC, expected to enter the league in 2018.


Lastly, the greater LA area is home to several amusement parks and similarly themed hubs of thrill. According to the LA Tourist guide to theme parks, the list includes Universal Studios Hollywood, Pacific Park, Magic Mountain, and Knott’s Berry Farm. It feels like we’re forgetting one…oh right, Disneyland of course, along with its sister park, Disney’s California Adventure. Those with a love of roller coasters, Ferris wheels, and dark rides can certainly get their fill.

Well, that about covers it. With so much to see and do in the LA area, it’s impossible to compile a list and do the region justice. Instead, we hope this breakdown of top reasons why people flock to LA will inspire readers to not only examine the city’s offerings but make plans to visit as soon as possible.