How to Make the Best Out of a Stopover in an Airport


A lengthy layover on a long haul flight isn’t always ideal. Once you’ve finished eating, had a nap and looked at the duty free for some new makeup and tried all the latest fragrances, time can begin to drag. But, not all layovers have to be boring, inconveniences on your holiday. Here’s a few ways that you can make the best out of your layover in an airport so the time whizzes by:


Airport shopping is one of the best ways to pass time. From treating yourself to a gorgeous pair of designer sunglasses in the duty free to picking up a new fragrance or some last minute toiletries that you forgot to pack, any serious shopper can easily pass a few hours in the departure lounge with there being so many shops to enjoy. If you have a long layover coming up, why not consider leave buying all your toiletries and extra bits to the airport so you can use the time wisely whilst there instead of waiting around.

Fine Dining

When it comes to the usual airport food most people tend to grab a sandwich before the plane or indulge in some fast food. With a stopover you have the luxury of time so fine dining is essential. Airports where travellers regularly stopover usually have a much greater amount of choice when it comes to where to eat. From a three course meal in a luxury restaurant to cocktail bars and quirky independent bistros, enjoy your layover by making the most of the opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal without having to rush. Be careful not to get too drunk before you have to board the next flight though.  

Book into a Hotel

One of the best ways to make your layover more worthwhile is to book into a hotel where you can get a great night’s sleep, enjoy a warm shower and have a little time to yourself to relax and revive before you board your next long flight. Hotels like the citizenM ones are ideal as they’re located next to the airport with trendy facilities, comfy beds and plenty to do, making them perfect for both families and business trips.

Be Prepared

If you want to get some sleep but aren’t planning on booking into a hotel make sure you’re prepared with a comfy pillow and a blanket so you can find a place to nod off for a few hours. Most airports tend to have showers where you’ll have chance to freshen up so take advantage of these before hopping on the next flight and remember to keep a towel in your hand luggage ready for the occasion. If you’re travelling alone or on business, a long layover can be quite boring so be prepared with your laptop, so you can get some work done or purchase a good book that will help you to pass the time.

With all these opportunities available in the airport, the time of your stop over should fly by. Whilst you’re enjoying fine food, trying on designer clothes and enjoying a peaceful night’s sleep, be careful to keep an eye on the time so you don’t miss your next flight.