How to make the most out of your business trip


Some of us are lucky enough to travel the world with work, and with these business trips comes the excitement of seeing new cities.

Of course business trips often take place in major cities, which can be expensive and result in us not getting out much.

However it’s important to grab the opportunity to explore and not let the city pass you by, and the right travel agency such Statesman Travel Limited is the perfect place to start. But then you need to know how to enjoy yourself while working hard.

Below are our top four tops on making the most of your business trip.

Don’t be a Creature of Habit

It can be very easy to do this. Signs of becoming a creature of habit include booking with the same hotel chain and having a similar itinerary every time.

Mix it up this time and take a look at the best places to stay, maybe even opt for staying in an Air B&B style house, and get a true feel of the city you’re in. This will also give you a better look the city and allow you to try out the local restaurants and public transports. After all this is a new city and you wouldn’t want to waste it doing what you’ve done the last few times.

Plan in Advance

Of course, if you do this then ensure you plan everything in advance. Don’t book the hotel last minute as you could end up in the same chain as last time, or in a place so far out you never make it to your important meetings on time.

Take a look at how the city works and where’s the best place to stay to give you an authentic feel, while not being too far away as to endanger your work.


When you’re not working this is something you should prioritise. Plan in advance and see what the city has to offer and what you can go and see.

If you plan your hotel properly then you’ll be able to reach areas you’d like to see with ease – hopefully. And of course, try out the local food and drinks so you can say you experienced part of the city outside of a hotel bar.

Make Sure to Plan Business first

Although planning to enjoy yourself when you can is important, always ensure work is planned first. Make sure your hotel is close enough and the transport is regular enough so you can still work with without added stress.

Once this is all sorted then you can plan your leisure time. After all, if you’re comfortable with what’s happening with work then the leisure should just fall into place.

Next time you go on a business trip make sure you make the most of it and mix business and pleasure in the best possible way.