Make The Garden Playground For Your Kids This Summer With These Garden Kids Games


The weather is getting hotter and the summer is getting close, so it is time for a little fun outdoor. Let’s this summer prepare your garden for your kids to have fun. In this occasion, I have for you an interesting garden kids games.

The backyard or garden is an ideal place for kids to spend time funny and clever. These games are interesting, social and intellectual. And they are easy to play outdoor in the yard. Continue below and follow the instructions how to prepare the place for the game and how to play the same!

DIY Backyard Climbing Wall

You can make the climbing wall on your garage or any other wall outdoor. It is kind a risky game, but there the instructions how to make safety, but funny for your kids. It is an interesting and good physical activity and your kids will love it!

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Ring Toss Game

Let’s check what is your precision? Take an empty bottles and some kind of rings. Throw the rings and direct them to fall on the bottle. Who put more rings on the bottle is the winner!

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Tic Tac Toe

Make the paper and pencil game – tic tac toe creative outdoor kids game. You need for this 5 or 9 stones or a bigger piece of tree. Find the place in the garden or yard create it for the tic tac toe.

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It is easy to prepare the garden for hopscotch and your children will love it! You need some bigger stones, which you need to make like a path.

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Garden Twister Game

Twister lovers, in summer you can play your favorite game outdoor in the garden. It is an ideal place for twister fun. Spray the grass with a different colored sprays, bring the whole family and have fun! More detailed instructions you can find on

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