Make Your Home Ultra Comfortable With These Ideas


The cold season is the cozy season, and we all love spending time relaxing in the warm glow of home when the snow and winds are blowing outside. The holidays see an increase in gatherings and guests staying over, and it’s also nice to be able to provide loved ones with an extra comfortable place to stay. Improve the quality of your family’s time spent indoors by raising the comfort rating substantially with some of the ideas below.


A main element of comfort is softness! Ultra softness. Look for:

  • Attractive accent blankets that suit your décor that are also super smooth and cuddly
  • Pillows that are supportive, cushy, and have fuzzy or smooth covers
  • Neck pillows aren’t just for flying: a suede-feel neck support makes a great reading or TV-watching pillow
  • Body pillows that can be hugged and provide extra support (especially for pregnant bellies) at night or on the couch
  • Modern bean bag chairs are giant, soft, and will keep you glued to one spot all afternoon
  • Memory foam slippers or heated slippers keep your footsies toasty and cushioned

Additional elements can be added to your furniture:

  • Massage seats and pads can be put on your favourite chair to provide relaxing vibration
  • Supports designed to improve posture and comfort when sitting for longer periods make desk work easier
  • Mattress toppers provide additional support, cushioning, and breathability

Change your appliances, plumbing fixtures, and water treatment to upgrade your daily routines:

  • A whirlpool bath is a definite luxury, but changing your regular shower head is a treat, too
  • A smart shower is programmable and can help save water
  • Other smart appliances like dishwashers and washing machines can be easily controlled and monitored from afar and have improved functionality in all areas
  • Water treatment and filtrations systems make water more clean, clear, and enjoyable
  • Improved water quality also improves cleansing
  • Modern toilets save water and are more comfortable to use

Call in professionals like The Super Plumber who can properly install any new appliances, fixtures, and can help with renovations. Hiring reliable professionals will prevent potentially stressful problems down the road. They can also perform regular and winter maintenance and prevent an emergency.

Consider a subscription box that brings comfort and convenience to you:

  • Have monthly warm socks and comfortable underwear delivered to your door
  • Snuggle up on the couch and learn to knit with a unique kit from
  • Subscribe to a weekly cooking and food box to avoid trekking into the snow for ingredients and learn to cook delicious things while you’re at it
  • Wine subscriptions base monthly bottles on your personal palate

Improve your beverage situation with:

  • An easy, single-cup coffeemaker with a variety of flavoured cups
  • Beautiful tea sets or a loose-leaf tea thermos that will strain out leaves and keep drinks warm
  • Packs of mulled wine spices to turn a standard bottle of red into a spicy and steamy treat
  • Gourmet hot chocolates in a variety of flavours that adults will love

Improve sleep quality with the help of:

  • Sleep headphones or ergonomic and comfortable ear plugs
  • Noise machines that block out disturbances and change volume depending on need
  • Natural light alarm clocks that gently wake you up by mimicking the sunrise instead of a loud and blaring buzzer or radio voices

With these ideas, you’ll be having a very comfy Christmas!